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Training in/out Hiratsuka area?


Aug 17, 2006
Hi, I am writing from NYC. I plan to be home in Hiratsuka area for about a 1 week at the end of the month, and looking for route for training. I am a Cat-3 amaetur racer in the US, and want to keet training while I am in Japan.

I am looking for relatively traffic free, and hilly roads to ride starting from the City of Hiratsuka. I am hoping to log in about 60-100 miles in one ride.

If anyone has any clue, please let me know. I plan to start pretty early in the morning everyday from 8/27-8/31, so if anyone in the area would like to join, GREAT! Thank you so much.

Hello etny14,

Welcome to TCC, :welcome:

Let us know when you are in Japan. Maybe I will be free.
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