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Traffic Light timings


Sep 2, 2009

So, today I managed to get from Iwatsuki to Omiya in Saitama on the same road without getting stopped by traffic lights once! Was loving it!

I wonder, have any of you figured out traffic light timings on routes that you use all the time? I am not sure if lights change at the same time, everyday in Japan, so if any of you have any info, that would be good.

I also though it could be cool to start some kind of online database for traffic light timings, if things do indeed happen at the same time every day.


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
A series of traffic lights on long straight roads tend to turn red simultaneoulsy.

Sometimes on fast roads eg. dual carriageways, the lights are timed so that if you travel at the speed limit you will hit each light on green. If you go over the speed limit you will hit the next light before it turns green.

The timing of lights tend to be fixed so once you are familiar with a route you know when to pedal a bit harder or ease off to time the next light right.

Not many traffic lights around here though.....


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