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Help Tracking down an alternative supplier for Volagi


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
As some of you might remember, I'm a big fan of disc brakes and Di2, so have been on the lookout for the right frame. Anyway I came across this
Seems like I can have my cake and eat it...
...until I tried to find a dealer for shipping at the right price. I managed to track one down in the US who would sell the lisco2 frameset at $2300 (feels a bit expensive) and the full ultegra Di2 version linked above at $5600 (ughhh, doesn't sound like Volagi source their groupsets and parts very cheaply). On top of this they wanted $330 to ship just the frameset:eek:

Anyway, do any of you know if Volagi Lisco2 can be sourced in Japan? Happy to either build from frameset or buy whole bike if price is right.

What's ironic is that the frame is made in Taiwan...feels like I should be able to get it cheaper here by not having to pay to have it shipped 9/10ths of the way round the world


Sep 2, 2009
Yeah, for such an Italian sounding brand, they do seem incredibly land-locked to the good old U.S of state-side.

You know what to do then, don't you? Contact the company and become their sole Japanese importer. You will get a free frame out of it, at the very least!
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