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Sold! Touring Bike Drivetrain


Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Mate,I'm interested.
If it's 9-speed I'll buy it right now.
If it's a 10-speed,I'll still buy it.
I'm in Katsushika-ku,Tokyo.
That Salsa is a great bike BTW!
How is she holding up?
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Sep 3, 2013
It is 9 speed. I'm in Shinjuku, so you can pick it up or I can ship it to you (probably be about ¥500).

The Salsa has been perfect, I'd get it again in a heartbeat.


Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Absolutely top bikes.
I was in the Surly/Salsa bike conundrum,I went with Surly and they have been more than awesome,in fact I would say they have been the best bikes I have owned!
Will defo take your Sora drivetrain....many thanks!
Many thanks!


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
My wife has a Vaya2 and I have a Fargo2.
Many times I have wished I bought a Vaya as well.. but then there is the 10% of the time where the Fargo just does stuff the Vaya can't.
I love both bikes and have combed Ebay on more than on occasion to find and old Vaya for me...
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