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Tour Okinawa - 200km entry

Trek DJ

Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
Hey to all the TCC folks! I hope everyone has been getting in some good rides in this (finally) cool weather.

As for me, aside from commuting I have had time off the bike mostly due to work and moving houses.....moving always take more time/energy than plan for.

Anyhow, due to my lack of form, I decided to not race the Tour Okinawa 200km race. Entry cost Y15,000, and is (ouch) non-refundable. If anyone needs a spot in the race, and wants to race as "David Johnson", please let me know and I will sell you my spot for a much reduced entry fee. You will still have to cover your own flight and hotel down at the race venue.

PS, I will be going to Okinawa for work anyway, so I can pick-up the entry folder etc to avoid any trouble.

Its a great race and a very fun time...mail me at johnsond2010 AT yahoo.com if you are interested in taking my spot.
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