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Tour of Turkey - amazing accident or the guy should be banned - what do you think?

Tour de Turkey: accident or disgusting sportsmanship?

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Maximum Pace
Dec 4, 2006
Found this in another thread. This is either an incredible accident involving a race leader going down at 1km to go in the Tour of Turkey, or the most blatant act of disgusting sportsmanship caught on tape. I'm thinking the guy should be banned. What do you think?

He shouldn't have pulled the guy... If you're going to crash into the side barriers...crash into the barriers.

I think what he tried to do was..
1) warn the guy by touching his shoulder that he had no where to go.
2) try and let the yellow jersey pull him away from the barrier by grabbing his jersey.
3) try to stop the yellow jersey guy going under his wheel by throwing him up.

He made all those decisions in less than a second.

I probably would have put the brakes on and caused a mass pile up behind me.
Interesting post, Todor! I hope you don't mind my posting a poll to your thread. Oh, and I'm with Pete on this one.

Lance talked about this on his twitter site... I don't know I think it was a blatant tug. Just my view on watching the video. I always wondered why they get so damn close to the barriers. You would think after who knows how many crashes they would avoid getting so close. I don't think there is much of an advantage unless having people wipe out behind you into the barrier is a tactic then so be it.

Hard to see the barriers but I've watched it a lot and can see that spectators had probably been lining up along the barriers and pushed some of them out of alignment. The spectators must have been told to move back but the barriers were not re-aligned.
They were not straight. Where he went down was where they were sticking out a bit.

I'd say it's more the organizers fault than the rider. If he'd put his brakes on about 30 riders would have gone down.

Nobody suicides out by themselves. You try and recover somehow. It's not uncommon for them to touch from behind to let people know there is somebody there. It happened so fast... He may have had a bit of anger in the tug due to the guy not moving across when he first let him know he was there and then he had nowhere to go.l

I'd like to hear the explanation of the rider. (Theo).
Podium Cafe link I posted above has his press release at the top of the page. Note that he mentions Armstrong's comments directly.

Thanks, I should have read that the first time.
He won't be riding on that side of the peloton anymore.
That's the main reason I tend to ride on the other side when I'm racing. But going through 'S' bends you still get sandwiched.

I agree that the camera angle makes it look extremely bad. A front/back on shot would show him riding into a wedge.
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