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Tour of Okinawa


Apr 23, 2006
no, its not a TCC tour, but Yasuhiro and I will be heading off down there tomorrow for this 2 day event. Day 1 is 120km, Day 2 150km.

I will post a report for those considering this event in future and hopefully Yasuhiro will post some pics as well.

Wish us luck!

Have a good one

Have a great ride guys. I'm sure the trip will be spectacular. You'll have to take loads of pictures of that one. :cool:

Take care
have fun!

Have fun! I better not let the wife see this post, she has been bugging me for a trip to Okinawa as well as about every other place on the globe!
Well, we did it! Successfully completed the Tour de Okinawa on Sunday. Have to say it was the best cycling experience of my life to date.

Very tough, challenging conditions, but a really beautiful ride.

Will post a full report here when I get a moment, maybe wont be until the weekend though. Many, many adventures on this one!

thanks all for your support!

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