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Tour Of Japan Tokyo Stage (Oi wharf) May 27th


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
I still haven't found the details on how to enter this race. It's always kept a bit of a secret as there are always too many entrants.

The amateurs race in the morning before the final stage of the pro race that comes in after lunch.

Get to race yourself and then watch the pros do 9km circuits for about 2 or 3 hours. The finish is always a great sprint between the Aussies, Europeans and Japanese...

A very nice flat course that suits the big fat sprinters like myself....

Details on the Pro legs.....

The Saturday leg may go near the Tour De Westside?
One of the young guys in the Japanese team won the opening stage with his team mate close in 2nd. My wife said it's the first time a Japanese rider has won a stage in this race.... :D

I'm trying to find details online...
Glad to see 2 of you turned up. Taro, Naoko-san (SHIBAGON)???

Our team fielded 3 guys in the A class race and they all crashed. :eek:

The pro race was great. A break away of 11 made it to the finish holding off the peleton who were catching them.
Koji Fukushima (my favorite Japanese rider) pulled the breakaway group for the last 3 laps and ensured his team mate a victory in the final sprint. The 2 Aussies frm the South Australian team almost upset their plans.
Koji timed it all to perfection and gave his all....

I saw 2 TCC riders there and there may have been more... My cold was still bad this morning and my wife was a bit sick so we drove in and took the dog.

Definitely going to ride in the race next year... Been two years since my big crash there... If you're a sprinter it's an ideal course...



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