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Tour of Japan - Mt. Fuji Time Trial


Dec 18, 2011
Does anyone know if spectators are allowed to watch the Tour of Japan time trial stage up the azami line? It would be totally awesome to watch professionals suffer up the azami line. I tried google translating the webpage but it came out looking like the dog's breakfast.


Maximum Pace
Jun 24, 2010
I am almost certain it is possible. I think you need to ride/walk up to a viewing spot. They will close the road to all traffic at some point, so you need to get up to your viewing spot before they do.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Sure - there are places all along the way to the top. My advise is to actually go to the top, then you have some chance to eat and socialize. And you can walk down the hill a bit to see the best portion of the ride. I'd say it's more fun to do the event (there is a citizen race) than watch it. Last year was raining (as it is most times) and the event is very small.
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