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Tour of Japan Episode of the Pedal Asia Podcast

Byron Kidd

Jun 1, 2010
We recorded Episode 3 of the Pedal Asia Podcast live at the final stage of the Tour of Japan. Here is a quick summary :

Episode dedicated to all things Tour of Japan. Wrap up and interviews with Genesis rider John Lovelock and support staff Greg Nunn, James Machin domestic rider and all round fan of Japanese cycling and Abeki Ryoji of Champion Systems - official supplier of race kit for the tour. Loads of info and some real insight into asian pro cycling. It's our best so far so enjoy.

Listen online at : http://www.pedalasia.com/2012/05/super-tour-of-japan-episode-pedal-asia.html

Or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/jp/podcast/pedal-asia-podcast/id521596867?l=en
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