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Tour of Deepest Darkest Tokyo

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Jan 2, 2010
I'm after some local knowledge about Cycle Cafes/ Cycle Culture/ Fixed Wheel/Frame Builder shops of interest etc… in Tokyo.

This week Wednesday, I'm planning on rounding out my 'Cycling experience' in this good country which have included amongst other things …several tours 'awash in beer' and 'farmers' tined coffee, crossing the Shimanami Kaido, Riding with the TCC, and piloting a self made Wooden Fixie around Izu..

And now for an 'Epic Culmination' of several years of delightfully stumbling around Japan by bike I'm planning on hiring a Mama Chari (in white) for a 'Tour of Deepest Darkest Downtown Tokyo' …. Might even stay at a Capsule Hotel to prolong the experience…. Any suggestions apart from riding while holding an umbrella would be welcome….

See preferred bike set up for this journey ; )

Suggest you include Amanda Sports in Tabata

His shop is full of bizarre & inspired creations made from steel, aluminium, wood (!) plus he has all his framebuilding jigs just behind the counter.

Cherubim are based in Tokyo too and are getting a lot of attention (and rightly so) at the Handmade Bicycles Shows in Europe and North America.

Links on this page


Bon Voyage :)
Hey Alan thanks for the info. I checked Chiba san site and it looks interesting..!
Looks like a 'must visit' ...Thats great local knowledge Thanks !
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