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Official Ride Tour d'Unagi


Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005

thanks all the members joined the TCC's historical first tour "Tour d'Unagi"!:bike:
The report is here.
Please let me know your impressions about the tour.
(good or bad, easy or hard, long or short, request, etc.)

ウナギうまかったですねぇ。いやー面白かった(面白がっていたのは私だけ?:warau: )!

I would like to join Sora-san in thanking everyone for joining our first trip. Though it wasn't of historic scale, it certainly was of historic importance (well, at least to the four members who participated). :warau:

I believe we all enjoyed the ride. Things went very smoothly, mainly due to Sora-san's painstaking planning, excellent leadership and the well-chosen destination. Well, and last but not least due to everyone's unexcelled endurance. I do look forward to the next challenge in January! :D
We had a fantastic tour, didn't we???:clap:

うなぎも最高でしたが、 ニーハオもおいしかったです。:p
また行きましょう! 蒲田ぐらいならみんなスグ集まれる ?!
Hi Sora-san:
Thank you for organizing our first tour to Miura-hanto! I do hope that many other tours like this one will follow! We became a :p nice :p team within a few minutes! You were a perfect "team leader". The trip was not too demanding and we could enjoy excellent food and a nice お風呂! Again, thank you very much!
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