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Tour d'Otsuki (summary)


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Today Newton and I embarked on a tour into Yamanashi Prefecture. Our primary destination was Yamanakako on the southern edge of Yamanashi, close to Shizuoka. However, we had to switch to our secondary targets due to various circumstances, Sagamiko and Otsuki.

We departed from Ryogoku around 6.30am, following Route 20 (Koshou Kaido) from Shinjuku until eventually Otsuki. The weather was beautiful, car traffic was moderate. We reached Lake Sagami around 10.30am. Sagami-machi offers a stunning landscape, with tree-covered hills and romantic rivers winding through tranquil valleys. We met a lot of cyclists along the way, the route seems to be popular. We had planned to circle Lake Yamanaka using Route 139 from Otsuki, but had to turn around in a small city called Tsuru. I was using a new bicycle (a real test run - a vintage Bianchi from the 80s) and a spoke of my rear wheel had broken, resulting in a highly unstable ride. We made it back crawling to Otsuki, squeezing our two bikes into Newton's rinko-bukuro and arriving at Tokyo Sta. around 7pm. :warau:

Before: JR refused the rinko-bukuro below.

After: they finally accepted it as shown below.



Dst 145.12km
Av 22.2
Mx 46,1
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