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Tour d'Ooshima


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
This is a short summary of our trip to Izu-ooshima. For those who didn't know: Ooshima is the largest of the seven islands comprising the Ogasawara Archipelago 120 km south of Tokyo). :p

We arrived at Motomachi harbour on April 28th by hydrofoil from Takeshiba. It is recommended to transport your bicycle in a "rinko-bukuro" (bike bag), although I believe they can also stow them directly on board. We did not reserve any accomodation, it is actually quite easy to find a minshuko (bed & breakfast) through the local tourist bureau next to the port.

After having assembled our wheels we engaged right away in circling the island (52km of circumference). Here are some nice maps in English and in Japanese.


The island is quite mountainous, so don't expect a smooth and sweatless ride. The landscape however is spectacular, crossing the lava fields of Mihara-yama (a volcano last active in 1986) is unforgettable. We reached Fudejima and the town of Minato-haba in less than an hour (stopping at the empty zoo on the way). We concluded our tour with a relaxing plunge in the "sunset o-furo".

On April 29th we intended to tackle Mihara-yama. There is a beautiful, but steep round course. Quite a challenge! When we reached the peak of the road up to the volcano it had started to pour cats and dogs. Dense fog limited the visibility to less than 50m. We met a brave female Japanese cyclist up there, she decided to ascend the crater despite the bad weather.

We on the other hand decided to descend to Motomachi. The road leading down to the harbour has an impressive angle of inclination. Add the deteriorating effect of the downpour on our brakes and you will understand why we were scared as hell, curving and spiralling down with trembling fingers. Halfway downhill Maiko lost control over her bike and disappeared from view. I tried to chase after her, thinking she somehow managed to master the dangerous hairpin curves. I reached Motomachi without any trace of Maiko, turned my bike and cranked up the mountain at max speed, certain that she must have got off the road. And so she had. Unable to reduce speed Maiko had the option to either halt by bringing the bike down on the asphalt, running right into the crash barrier or by hitting the dense forest terrain on the hill side of the road. She instinctively chose the last option and somersaulted into the brushwood. She was lucky: only a few bad bruises and a slight shock. The bike had suffered as well: with the rear wheel broken the cycling holiday was over. :eek:uch: However, Maiko had "Glueck im Unglueck", as they say in German (something along the lines of "good luck in misfortune")...

Even without bicycles Ooshima is worth a trip: we hiked up Mihara-yama the next day, crossing the "lava desert" and circling the crater mound. We'll definitely be back! :warau:

Here's my data:

04/28/06 - 04/29/06 (CB)

Distance 70,76 km
Av 18,6
Mx 130,3 ( <-- what the hell ??? )
Odo 2037,2
Time 3:47'12

As usual, pictures can be found in the gallery. :)
Exciting tour! I know how much hard it is.

But Maiko-san is ok? だいじょうぶ?
Sora said:
But Maiko-san is ok? だいじょうぶ?

I am replying on her behalf, as Maiko-san is busy with her new job: she is alright, although still covered with bruises. She was really really lucky!! :eek:uch:
thomas said:
I am replying on her behalf, as Maiko-san is busy with her new job: she is alright, although still covered with bruises. She was really really lucky!! :eek:uch:

wow, I didn't know that. :eek:
I hope she is fine.
Newton said:
wow, I didn't know that. :eek:
I hope she is fine.

Hello! I'm sorry but I didn't write for a long time. :warau:
I just started my new job from this month and quite busy.
But it's really interesting job!!::thumb:

Well, about Izu Oshima, we had a really good time there.
But as Thomas wrote down, I crushed to the mountain and broke my bike.
Sora san and Newton san thank you for your warm words.

It was really hurt, but luckly I didn't get serious injure.
My brues are getting better, so all I have to do now is repair my bike.
Actually both wheels are bent, so I have to by a set of wheels.
Cost a lot... :eek:uch:

Before I get new wheels, I will train my self by running.
Actually, I have two running races this month. :weight:

Please, everyone. be careful when you ride a bike.
Oh, Newton san how is your leg??

So when is the next tour? I'm looking forward to joining it.
Tsukuba, Kamakura, also Tateyama, there are many places I want to go!

Oh, there is a very short triathlon race in Tachikawa in July.

Swim in a pool - 400m
Bike- 20km
Run- 5km

Not so serious. just for fun!!

Have a nice weekend:greets:
Hi maiko-san,

I'm happy to hear you are all right!:D

Yes, it is the time to think about the next tour.:)
Please wait for.
Hello Maiko san,

I'm glad to hear that you are ok. Thanks for your post. :D

well, let us know if you need any help to find new wheels or anything to your bike ok. :bike:

maiko said:
Oh, Newton san how is your leg??
My leg is fine now. :D it was just little ajust in my new pedal.
Thanks anyway.

I see you soon biking again. :cool:

~~~_- \\,
~ (*)/ (*)
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