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Tour d'Echoline


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Last weekend Shinobu-san, Sergey and I concluded what we termed the "Tour d'Echoline" - from Sendai to Niigata crossing a few challenging mountain passes: 420km in distance and 6140 metres in ascent.

Please read my blog entry for a more detailed account.

Shinobu-san and Sergey, I want to thank you for the great company and camaraderie! In case I have forgotten anything worth mentioning, please do refresh my memory, as usual.

Good account !

Thomas, Shinobu, Sergey - that looks like a really great trip ! I would love to try that someday.

I will have to try the Coke effect too !!

It *isn't* grim up North !

"A long journey to the far northern provinces", as Basho once wrote, "I might as well be going to the ends of the earth...".

Well you've proved him wrong ! Loved the report & pics Thomas - another fast-paced assault on The North. You, Shinobu and Sergey don't half move fast, eh ?! That Zao Echoline (I thought it was French first couple times I read it) looks well worth trying now that you've paved the way. It certainly seems the season for Tohoku - already a couple reports on the region posted over the last month - I was there myself a couple weeks ago and rode the same Ura-bandai "Skyvalley", albeit in the opposite direction - yes, absolutely stunning scenery!
Will try and post a report of my own, more laborious, ride once I get a bit organised --

I enjoyed reading that account Thomas and the pics. Looks like a great few days away. You guys will be flying by the time Hotaka comes round. I know you're after some sweet revenge after taking that wrong turn last year too. Your REAL time might be quite scary this year. And I now Sergey can climb like Rasmussen...

Thank you very much and Thanks for your patience:)]
Hard training for me:warau: But Enjoyed:p
Tour de TohokuⅡ&Echoline will be unforgetful memory!
I can't wait for the next tour.
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