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Official Ride Tour De West Side with the YCC 25 July 2009

I'll be there with 2-3 people. We will also join you at the brewery.

Danny Brewery is off due to being fully booked.....Ramen is the alternative I think.

Also anyone else coming up from Yokohama????

I just want to say thanks for your interest in this event and that I hope it will be a great cycling day for all. As of now the weather forcast is scattered T-storms with a 60% chance of showers hopefully the weather will hold and we can have a fun day of riding. See you there also for security purposes please bring a small lock to secure your bicycle at the Yaki Niku.

The following TCC members will participate (weather and other circumstances permitting):

Alan (AlanW)
Arai-san (araim1)
Charles (Chazzer)
Danny (danny)
David (david.anderson)
James (FarEast)
Lee (Wolfman)
Okey-san (okey(^9^))
Sergey (kpykc)
Sha (Freeride39)
Steve (SteveT)
Todor (trad)
Travis (YellowGiant)

Weather forecast says there's a 40% chance of precipitation, but who cares about a little summer rain anyhow? Looking forward to the ride. :)
The ride out from Tokyo

Hi guys. I'd like to join. See everyone at M-I Station at 9:00...
Anyone riding out from Tokyo?

Thomas, Todor and I will be riding out as usual, along the usual route - From Shinjuku station (New South Entrance) at 6:30.
Then we'll roll westward on Rte.20 for about 15km before shifting over to the Tama-River cycling-road.

See you there! T, T & T
Hello, all! My name is Eric and I'm the YCC founder/president/whatever-you-want-to-call-me. We're really looking forward to you guys joining us tomorrow for a great ride up and over Tomin no Mori. This is one of our pretty regular routes and is certainly worth spending a day riding. For those of you who have not been out this way before, this is quite a popular route with guys over here on the west side. There's actually a lot of folks that come in from Tokyo on the weekends specifically to ride it. So, I think that you'll all enjoy it very much. The view from the top down onto Lake Okutamako is worth it in itself. :)

The forecast is calling for a little rain possibly early, but tapering off to just 10-20% by 9am. So, hopefully we'll get lucky. We're rolling regardless, so bring along a light jacket if you're concerned about getting wet.

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!

Pick me up

at Sasazuka then ..... as we did before for the Enduro ?


I really wish I could join you guys. It would be great to see some new faces as well as catch up with others I haven't ridden with for a while.

Unfortunately, as I have already told some of you, I have to look after the kids Saturday (then work in the evening, then receive a homologous blood transfusion), so I simply can't make it.

Have a wonderful time! I hope the weather holds for you guys. But as Thomas said, what harm's a little summer shower?

Just to second Deej, I would have very much liked to join this ride; would've been great to meet everyone, both new and familiar. Sorry I won't be there.

Have a good and safe one. Will look forward to seeing the pics etc.
Can't make it!

Have a fun ride everybody. I can't make it! I don't return from Ie Shima island until Saturday, the day of the event. So I guess I will soak up more sun and beach rides on my way to Ikei island solo ride this weekend. Have a great spin with the Westside Tour everybody. Sha
Going to be riding to the start location along ROUTE 16, so if any one is interested in meeting up on route please let me know.
Will join as well

The weather looks OK now so I will join as well. I am thinking about going by train from Nakayama on the Yokohama line to Hachioji, then ride to the North to Itsukaicihi on road 32, I did this before. One hour is more than enough time.

Therefore : 7:20 Nakayama -> 7:56 Hachioji

Far East, if you would like to join me. First car in the front of the train.
Joining as well ! Looking forward to it.

Tom, please wear the Positivo bib shorts !

Hey hey...I also got the jersey, remember ! So then, what other toges are we adding besides Matsuhime and Suzugane...Dozaka-toge OK:D?
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