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Official Ride Tour De West Side with the YCC 25 July 2009


May 28, 2007
Greetings from the Yokota Cycling Club my name is Eric and I rode the last 2 Tour De West Sides with the TCC. So this year since Sha is gone I will be trying to plan this years. First of all the Tour will be on the 25 th of July 2009 and we would like to meet up with the Tokyo Cyling Club at the Musashi Itsukaichi train station at 0900 which is the same train station that we started at last year. from there the route will be the same as it has the last 2 years heading towards Hino Hara and then climbing over Tomin No Mori and decending down to Lake Okutama with a snack and beer stop at the ramin shop. From there we will head back to Fussa via Ome down route 411 and then route 29 to Fussa. Then at the end I am planning to have dinner and beer at the same beer garden the Ishikawa brewery so make sure you bring lots of yen and your cameras. We the Yokota Cyling Club are looking forward to riding with you again. If you are interested please reply so reservations can be made.


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Keep it GOING!

ERIC, thanks for continuing that tour for the folks at TCC. I might try to make this ride in July as well. Gotta get the bike there 1st! Take care all
Eric and Shay,

I will be definetely in as a resident of the area. A few weeks ago on the way to Tsuru-toge, I met with someone from your team. We talked a bit and found he was also in the west tour a couple years ago.

Minoru Arai
count me in!

Hi Eric-san,

thank you for organizing the tour.

Of course count me in please!:D
Very interested in this also, I will need to check what the wifes schedule is and also buy a bike bag! Can anyone recommend bike bags to take the stead on the train? Also what is the total distance and average pace the group will ride at.
Sounds fun, thank you for organizing/inviting, Eric. I'll try to make it, although will be driving from the east side so will probably miss the evening beer.

Do you have a map of the route?
Tour De West Side Update

I would like to make the reservation for the Brewery this week if not I am afraid we will not get in so if you interested please let me know if you are going to ride the Tour if not I will make a reservation fot 30 riders to be safe. As for the questions I do not have a map but we will meet at Itsukaichi station and ride from there towards Hino Hara and then over Tomin no mori and down to Lake Okutama and back to Fussa city on routes 411 and 29. The pace is pretty much your own pace we have our fast riders and our slow climbers so the the pace will be anywhere from 10 mph to over 20 mph on the decents.
in the past we all meet up either at the Tomin-no-mori parking lot or the ramen shop no one will be left behind.
Is anyone else traveling up from Yokohama for this ride? If so does anyone want to meet up and travel intogether by train? I will be leaving from Nakayama on the Yokohama Line.

Also thank you for the route! Successfully uploaded to the Garmin 705!!!
I have not talked with Bobby since I have left Yokota. That man is hard to get in contact with, so i gave up....LOL
I have not talked with Bobby since I have left Yokota. That man is hard to get in contact with, so i gave up....LOL

Yep, he's like Cain "Walking the Earth." I think he will be there to ride on the 25 though. Looks like a good turn out. Have you checked out the thread at the YCC web site yet? Link below.

Yokota Cycling Club
Guy as this is my first outing I was wondering if somebody would be kind enough to share a kit list of what you carry including the amount of liquids taken as well.

Much appreciated.

Final Plans for Tour De West Side 2009

The YCC will meet the TCC at 0900 at Musashi Itsukaitchi Station. Once everyone has arrived we will start the tour via Hino-Hara and then over Tomin-no-mori down to Lake Okutama with a energy stop at the Ramin shop. We will then once everyone has rested proceed down 411 to Ome. Once in Ome we will take Route 5 to Mizuho town where we will have dinner at the Yaki-Niku near Golf 5. You will need at least 4000 yen to be safe as it is all you can eat for 2600 yen and all the beer you can drink for 1000 yen and for those not drinking beer it is all the soda you can drink for 300 yen they also accept credit cards. As of now our reservation is for 1700 and for 20 riders with a max of 24 After dinner the YCC will lead the TCC to Higashi Fussa Station for their return home. Sorry about the brewery as we tried but they are full do to Japanese summer vacation. Hope to have a good turn out see you there. Make sure you have safety lights in case it gets dark after dinner.:)
What you need!

Actually there are some vending machines along the way with a 7-11 just before we hit Hino Hara. I will say make sure you have plenty of water and energy snacks for the climb at the top you can re-fill you water at the Tomin-no-mori parking lot. Due to some tunnels along the decent to Ome I reccomend safety lights not only due to that but for the ride home.
Philip, many thanks.....I actually used my interweb skills and looked at the previous Tour De West Side rides and round another thread on the same topic.
Hi guys. I'd like to join. See everyone at M-I Station at 9:00...
Anyone riding out from Tokyo?
Consider me in....

Looks like a good day out on familiar territory.

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