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Tour De Tsukuba 6/20

Hi Pete,

Can you please share some of the details about this? I can't read enough to make sense of it.

Where it will be? And what?



Mt Tsukuba is in Ibaraki ken.
This is a quite famous annual hill climb.
12km with 540m of climbing. (The first climb I think is the hardest (400m). IMHO.
I've never done it and don't intend to do it this time either.
The course looks easy but there is a very steep hairpin at about the halfway point and that is usually where weekend warriors stop to check their times.

Just saw the link on a friends blog.

19日(土)13:00~17:00 受付
Check in Saturday 19th of June. (registration)

20日(日) 6:00~ 筑波庁舎駐車場オープン
Car park opens at 6a.am
7:00~ オープニングセレモニー(市民ホールつくばね)
Opening ceremony at 7a.am
7:30~ クラス毎に順次スタート
7:30: First race starts.
10:30~ 競技終了
Finished by 10:30 (probably have to open the road by then to traffic)

※ 途中リタイアまたは、10時30分までにゴール出来ない方と審判団に判断された車両は
※ ゴール地点から下山する方法は、9時00分~下山用バスと自転車運搬用トラックを使って

12:00~ 閉会式(市民ホールつくばね)
Presentation in nearby City Hall.


500名 (先着順。定員になり次第締め切らせていただきます。)
Maximum 500 riders.


一般男女(高校生以上) 5000円
5000 yen for high school and older.
ジュニア (中学生) 4000円
4000 yen for Juniors


Road Bike & MTB classes

MTB & Road Bike Categories
Expert Class (open)
②一般男子A (中学生以上39歳以下)
Under 39 years of age class
③一般男子B (40歳以上)
Over 40 years of age

④一般女子 (年齢区分なし)
Regular Ladies (not experts, not beginners)
⑤一般男子 (年齢区分なし)
Regular Men (not experts, not beginners)
⑥一般女子 (年齢区分なし)
Regular Ladies (not experts, not beginners)

Can apply for the race at Sport's Entry
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