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Tour de Tama-ko


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Here's a short description of the impromptu "Tour de Tama-ko" that took place on April 9, 2006.




Sora-san and I met up at 9.30am in Shinjuku West Exit, taking Ome Kaido to Lake Tama where we met up with Maiko-san around 11.30am. After having circled Lake Tama we took the Tamako cycling Road to Koganei Park. "Cycling road" is a very enthusiastic and perhaps misleading description. The trail is dotted with zillions of obstacles, barriers, pedestrians, pets and kids, quite a challenge! :warau:

We enjoyed a sakura matsuri in Koganei Park, indulging in typical matsuri food and beer.

My specs for that day: :cool:

Distance 108,42 km
Av 21,7
Mx 52,8
Odo 1709,5
Time 4:59'11

What a lovely ride. A heartful thanks to all participants! Pics can be found in the gallery. ;)

thanks Maiko-san and Thomas-san for the ride.:)

I don't forget the 3 girls, wearing bike jersey, running on foot (not on bike) along the "Cycling Road".
At first I saw them, I thought something wrong, "Why bikers are running without bike?". Because I think we "cyclists" dislike not on the bike running.:warau:

After Maiko-san contacted with them, I got it. They were triathletes.:eek:
How hard their exercise are!:eek:
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