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Tour de Tama anyone???


Nov 6, 2007
Is anyone here racing in Tour de Tama on November 17th ? If so I'll see you there. I registered last weekend for the Mens Open Class race. This will be my first race so wish me luck.

Hi Dave...got any more details?...like who are the organizers, etc.
Tour de Tama

The race is a Cross Country race near the city of Tama. It is sponsored by The Yokota Air Base Outdoor Recreation Center and Tama Hills Recreation Center. You can register to race or get more information from Cycle Mate Kamiya bicycle shop. Ask for Masa, he speaks fairly good English and is very helpfull. Their phone number is 042-551-0430 however they are closed on Tuesdays. If you want you could give Yokota Outdoor Rec. a call maybe they can give you more information, they are open all week 042-552-2510 ext. 5-4552. The race is held on the 17th of this month. This is my first time racing it but I think it is about a 5km loop once around the track. Rookie, and Open Class contestants do two loops(totalling ~10km) and Expert Class does four loops(~20km). I want to go out there and take a look at the terain sometime this week however the trails get really grown over during the summer months and I am told they will not begin clearing the trails until next week just before the race. I might give it a shot on the overgrown trails anyhow though to try to get familiar with the area.

Tour de Tama Schedule:

0700-Course opens
0800-Registeration pick-up
0900-First race
~1200-Post race steak lunch.

I hope this helps.

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