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Tour de Shirokuma-pan economy version


Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
In these austere times how about a re-run of part (the best part!) of last year's official Tour de Shirokuma-pan ?

For the full story then check this out......again many thanks to Travis for the original adventure !


The idea this weekend is as follows :

Saturday, January 31st. 8:00.
Arakawa – "Shirokum-pan (bakery)"

Here's the map:

First, a small introduction repeated from the original story:

"Shirokuma-Pan" (Polar-Bear Bread) is a small bakery at the foot of the Chichibu hills in Ogose-machi. It's a small, off-the-beaten-track shop that caters mostly to cyclists on their way to (or from) the mountains in southern Saitama. The shop owner was (still is) an avid cyclist – you can even buy spare tubes & bike accessories at the shop.
Check out the web-site:

The course:
8:00am START: at "Iwabuchi-Suimon" – a large water gate on Arakawa, just east of Akabane.
For those coming from western & southwestern Tokyo, the Rte.17 (Nakasen-do) bridge at 8:15 – Ride up Kannana-dori and turn left on R17 (it's about 20km from Setagaya-ku).

We'll have about 30km of "cycling-road" along the river before we have to turn onto the suburban country roads up near Kawagoe. Then another 30km to the bakery.

There we shall have our fill and then a leisurely return, hopefully with the help of the wind ?

There may even be an onsen around there, I seem to remember some of the team heading off towards a nearby venue last year ?

Does this sound like fun ?

Thanks for posting, Charles! I will most likely join you for a quick raid into Saitama. However, the weather forecast doesn't look too promising...
Cripes !

Its now 90% rain on Biglobe's otenki page....

Er....Sunday anyone ?

The following week?

...Or maybe even the week after?

Thanks Charles, for bringing this one back.
I had actually thought about doing it in mid-late February.

Weather-permitting though, the following week might be better - Sat, 7th.

No hill-climbs on this one. Just straight up the river for our bread, and then back down with the famous Arakawa "northerly" TAILWIND:happy:

Whad'ya reckon?
I would like to join as well, if weather permits. Sunday would also be fine for me. I was riding in the hills around Ogose on Wednesday and all the roads were free of ice.

I am up for the ride, if it is on Sunday or next weekend.

What is the nearest train station to the start of the ride?


Sunday !

As there is not overwhelming interest in the ride then lets cancel for this weekend and I will go with Travis' suggestion that we try again for next week on Saturday 7th Feb.

If anyone is still interested in an Arakawa ride anyway then I will be at Kasaibashi at 8:00 on Sunday and look to repeat last week's ride out and back for a 100km day out.

Here is the starting place


As there is not overwhelming interest in the ride...

Not surprising... :D

I concur with you and Travis, Charles. According to Chris' report, we might even be able to climb the hills around Ogose next week.

marks the spot....

not sure there will be any others apart from you and me though !


See you there.... I would erase your keitai number actually. I will send you mine via PM.

Cheers for now,

I will be in.

Pedalling from the west, I will meet you at Irimagawa bridge that is the junction of Irimagawa CR and Arakawa CR. Also it is nearby the motor bike racing course.

What time should I be there?

Minoru Arai
Will be along for the ride if it's on Saturday. The forecast looks OK so far.

Plan to ride from central Tokyo and meet somewhere along the Arakawa - the watergate perhaps?

Its on !

The Tour will run this Saturday using the timetable that I already posted. Will add more detail when I have time.

So far we have AlanW and Arai-san......anymore takers ?

I would like to join you!
See you on Sat.


お久しぶりです。久々にご一緒できそうでなによりです。でも、簡単にちぎられそうで心配:D Shinobu さんは参加しないのかな?



I went to Iwabuchi-Suimon last Saturday to meet TCC members and
to teke them to SaibokuHum(restrant&supa) in hidaka neer by ShirokumaPan.
But it's my mistake:(

I go to Izu Peninsula this weekend.
If Lee organize Izu Tour again I can surport you.
I prepare for the Tour.
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