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Jan 14, 2007
Pete & Pete had a nice ride today. We met up at Nagareyama bashi near Misato station on the Edo river. The same trip Travis and I did a few months back.
There was a strong head wind so we took it easy talking along the way. From the bridge to the end of the river is 33km. We had both already ridden about 15km.

On our way we saw an ambulance flashing its lights up ahead. A traffic controller informed us that a 42 year old guy on his cross bike had smashed into one of those metal barriers on the cycling path and gone head over heals smashing his skull open on the other side. His bike was left there as a momento.

The guy probably had one eye on Mt Fuji to his right and the 1000s of yellow rape flowers blinding his view to the front. I hate those barriers but know where they all are and have a sixth sense with them now. Be careful of them.

Next stop was at the 46km mark on the river for a drink and a sit on a bench out of the wind for another chat.

After the drink we headed off again and now we were out in the sticks. Cows to the left a horse to our right and no trees to block the wind. The last 10 kms to the end of the river were a struggle.

We crossed the weir that seprates the Tone river and the Edo river into the memorial park that overlooks Mt Tsukuba and the Sekiyado castle.

We were lucky in that the little restaurant behind the castle was open and we had a much needed refill. (Travis, they had a full fridge of beer with your name on it).

On the way back we had the wind pushing us and it was like we were just starting out. The sun was starting to warm up and it was perfect cycling weather.
We passed a gliding landing strip with a Cessna warming it's engine, more yellow flowers and very few pedestrians...

I peeled off at my home for a quick shower before work and saw Pete off on his happy 1st century ride...

I hope he had a good day as I certainly did...
Thanxs Pete

A wonderful days cycling. Out of the city and into the countryside. Wow, those yellow rape flowers and Mt Fuji in the background is a scene I will remember for a long time. It was also joyous to reach Sekiyado castle after battling that head wind for 50k.

I hope the cyclist who smashed is scull open and knocked his teath out will be ok. Poor chap. The importance of a helmet.

Ive just had a few beers with my girl friend to celebrate my 1st century. Ohh sooo tired now. But wasn't it fun. Can't wait to do it again.

Thank you very much. I had a wonderful ride.:)
sounds like you guys had a nice day out!, wish I could have joined you! but...shigoto, shigoto.....

yes, the importance of wearing a helmet indeed...

congratulations on your first century Pete!

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