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Jun 13, 2007
Hi all,

The coming week-end seems to be quite rich on competitions - Ryusei HC, Okinawa, Saiko. And it looks like there will be nice weather conditions too. I wish good luck to everyone racing!

For those who joined Ryusei HC, the race registration will be open tomorrow from 13:00 to 16:00. I plan to ride out, register for the race and get back to Tokyo. On Sunday, I will take a train or ride to the race again.

Anyway, it's a nice weather now and a good time to enjoy autumn in Gunma, so feel free to join - 7.00 am, Koremasa brg. ~160km. We'll be taking it easy..ugh.. yes

BTW, it is possible to take train from Higashi-Ome, so bring your rinko if you plan to do it (I am considering this option myself)
I plan to register for Ryusei tomorrow as well, if I get to leave Tokyo early enough. If it is a close call I will have to do it Sunday morning.

Looking forward to an exciting race.
Would love to join you but need to attend a wedding...enjoy the ride out.

Look forward to meeting you on Sunday.
160 km jaunt the day before a hill climb race? Not a subscriber to those crackpot "rest day" theories eh? :D

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!
Phil, it's a good excuse for not a podium-finishing performance, though - "I might finish 900th out of 900 today, but just you wait and see, when I get proper rest!" :D

Anyways, it's not an all out ride... just to enjoy koyo... at 30 km/h uphill
I know Serguei's 'easy ride' - I'll take the train half way, maybe... last I heard a 'rest day' meant a full 24hrs! I need at least an hour per year of my age these days!
Nice fast ride from Tokyo to Chichibu - all in 3 hours, but got lost somewhere along Green Line on the way back with a bit of hikling, so I had to cut it short and found some nice super twisty and steep roads connecting to 299 - really want to check that road again now, so many sweet turns, never straight.

Saitama/Gunma never disappoints - best roads ever!
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