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Tour de Okinawa


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Sep 24, 2007
I'm thinking of entering this event on Sunday November 8th. Anyone else interested? There are 3 categories for 'Hobby' racers, 200km/130km/85km. If there is no Hotaka then I may join the 130km road race. Entries open Ausgust 1st and according to Sergey fill up very quickly, particularly the 85km one. The homepage is here http://www.tour-de-okinawa.jp/information/citizenrace.html?submenuheader=0

Thomas, if we get a few interested perhaps we could make it an official TCC tour?
If it doesn't clash with the Tour Du Japon or JCRC I'm in..... would like to do the 130km race.
I wouldn't think there'll be a Hotaka this year. And yes, entries do fill up very quickly. I was thinking about doing the 200....

As a word of warning, the weather can often be surpisingly bad with rain and the roads are notoriously slippy due to the coral mix in the asphalt. Also, there is a lot of climbing too meaning you need good climbing legs to make the cut.

Also the pace is damn quick so you need to be able to ride tight in the Peloton to stay with the group and keep your legs for the final sprint..... if you loose contact with the bunch you'll get picked up very quickly by the broom wagon.
Payed up and rubbing my hands together in anticipation. First time to Okinawa and can't wait for this one:D
What a rush!!!

Had a nice weekend away in Okinawa apart from the terrible weather on Saturday, when I was lashed by horizontal rain during my training ride :confused: I can't complain though because the weather was perfect for cycling on Sunday.

Came 6th overall and 1st in my age group:D I raced in the 140km course with 400 riders, so I'm very happy with my result but was a bit disappointed I couldn't go with the final escape of the day. I stayed with the leaders up until the final climb of the day, and after summiting regrouped with 3 other riders and although we could see the 5 escapees we couldn't reel them in. We worked so hard doing turns at the front and with me shouting encouragement we were definitely making up ground. With about 5km to go and on my limit I touched someone's back wheel and almost went over....thankfully I was in the drops and was able to recover....what a nightmare that would've been. Anyway it sure was a blast though and I won the sprint in my group of 4, only 20 seconds or so behind the winners......so close!!!!

We averaged 33.8km/h which is pretty quick considering the amount of climbing, 2000m!

I'll be back next year to win:D

I saw Clay after the race and he seemed to think he finished mid pack in the 210km race. They were flying!
touching wheels is scarey stuff..... especailly in a crowded peloton.... felt someone rub mine on Sunday as we went around a corner.... heart in mouth moment!

Awesome result mate and a learning experience too!
Thanks James:D It's my first trophy in Japan and now that I'm beginning to learn how to train for cycling and race properly I hope there'll be more to come next season. It's been a real learning curve for me this latter part of the season with the races I've done and interval training.

Nice work Mike, very strong show!
The 210km was super tough.:eek: I just downloaded the data: average speed for the first (flat) 70km was 40.9kph. After the two major climbs that average came down to 38.4kph (!) At the 120km mark I lost contact with the 10 or so leaders at the crest of the climb. Me and another guy worked hard together for the next 50km to try and get back... but we pushed ourselves too hard, and with 30km to go the main pack caught us on a climb and blasted past and we couldn't hang on. I'd been pushing too hard for too long by this stage and blew up with cramps and managed to limp the last 20km home.
Next year - more training required (and no hanging around in no-man's-land.)
Mike, congratulations!! That's really amazing - podium in such a difficult race. I know you trained hard and consistently for it, so this is a nice reward.

Without much peak-performance training this year, I managed to get onto the podium in my own race that day, though admittedly a much easier race than yours. More here (see my own comments at the bottom):

Congrats Mike!!

Shinobu also participated in the''Tour the Okinawa'' and got 10th place in the ladies'‎ , 3rd in her age group. She did very well :)

Well done Mike :cool:...keep that ambition alive!
Well done Mike, fantastic result. You must be dreaming of next year's race already!

My feelings also go out to echothree. Whether to go or to wait for the bunch. One of the hardest decisions to make. 9 times out of 10 your heart tells you to go. Hope you can get revenge next year.

I had high hopes for my mate Tazaki san who finished 231st after a puncture. Gotta feel for him. All the way to Okinawa only to get a puncture.....


Congratulations Mike! Really happy for you. Your ambition and hard work have payed-off. Clay, modest in victory and honest when things don't go so well. My respects. Am sure you will both kill it next year.

Congratulations Mike! Really happy for you. Your ambition and hard work have payed-off. Clay, modest in victory and honest when things don't go so well. My respects. Am sure you will both kill it next year.


Thanks for the nice words everyone. Now that my season is done I have caught a cold and officially have the post race blues and am wondering what the heck am I going to do with all my free time over winter:(

Definitely high on the agenda is weight training on my legs for the first time ever and football to keep some aeerobic fitness, but it sure is getting cold quickly! Andy, you must be freezing your butt off up ther in Niigata!

I have officially joined Fuji Cycling Time thanks to James and also raced 2 JCF/ ER category races this year. One was a criterium in which I placed 7th and the other a hilly circuit of 40km where I placed 13th. I'm hoping to quickly be promoted to BR next year and race a full season as James' (Far East) lead out man! Gonna have to start practicing my head butting skills:)
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