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Tour de Noto/Norikura

Did Noto years ago and it was great fun. It has just become too expensive...

I plan to go to Norikura this year. As always I plan to take the train to Yabuhara in Kiso and ride to Norikura from there. It's about 50km with two fairly reasonable passes.

Would love company for the ride.

Anyone else going?


Can someone let me know exactly what, where and when Norikura is? Looks to be a hill climb? Looks like an event that I may be interested in doing.

I did not have much luck when I tried to translate the page. It is a pain to be illiterate. :eek:

Norikura is the most popular HC race in Japan with close to 4,000 riders. Great scenery, onsen, a 1,400 meter climb and a max altitude of 2,700 meters make it a great event.

Unfortunately, registration begins in early April and only lasts a week or two. It is heavily oversubscribed, so there is a lottery to get in and many people are turned away.
so is anyone going to be here?

The question got asked, and it starts this saturday. I'm not participating, but wx-permitting I'll be either at the start or somewhere along the way just after that so as to feel the vibe and cruise along for a while.

And if anyone here would like to hit a couple places downtown Firday nite for a beer or two... :)
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