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Official Ride Tour de Nanohana (the 2nd TCC tour)!!!


Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Hi everyone,

the date and details of TCC's 2nd tour are decided.
It will be held on March 21st, Vernal Equinox Day.
This time we head for Kawagoe searching for Nanohana (rape blossoms) and sweet potato. Of course there is onsen!
The details are here.

If you want to join the tour, let us know in this forum.
Come on and join us!



TCC第二回ツーリング "トゥール ドナノハナ" 詳細が決定しました。

wow !!! That nice Sora-san.

I think I can go.... =) . I hope all there...
Newton said:
wow !!! That nice Sora-san.

I think I can go.... =) . I hope all there...
Hi Newton-san,

thank your for your post!
I am waiting for your participation and hope you arrange to go.:D
Hi airtrain-san,

airtrain said:

I'll be out of country for couple of weeks.
I'm so sorry.:cry:

airtrain said:
See you next time friends.
Yes, we are now preparing the next tour to the Tour de Nanohana.

Hi everyone,

this is the minute description of the Tour de Nanohana, map of meeting point, total route map, how much for onsen, lunch, etc..
Check it out, please!

Looking forward to seeing you in East Exit of Ikebukuro Sta on Mar. 21th.:p

トゥール ドナノハナの詳細(ルートマップ、集合場所、温泉や昼飯の費用等)なパンフレットをこちらにのせました。


I little modified the pamphlet, because the price of onsen and lunch were wrong.
Hi Sora-san,

I hope the weather will help us.... :bike:

so, I see you there.

Hi Newton-san,

the weather forecast says it will be the best day for cycling.:thumb:
Six members will be there.

See you!
prompt report (速報)!

It was fine and no wind, very good day for cycling!
I thank everyone joining today's tour!
I hope you enjoyed it.:D

This is rough report for today:
Distance: about 88km
Time: about 4h 38m
(I will report the details later.)

Anyway, thanks again!

Next tour is Mt.Fuji Hill Climb!:p

さあ、次はMt.富士 ヒルクライムにチャレンジだっ!(えっ、本当に登るの!?:eek:
:happy: Excellent ride, thanks for your painstaking preparations!

The photos will be uploaded later tonight. My details are a bit different though. :p
Hi all,

It was perfect day for a ride :bike: , I enjoyed my first-ride experience with TCC members. :rolleyes:

yeah !!! next will be Mt. Fuji...
Hi everyone,

this is the detailed report for the Tour de Nanohana.
Check it out!:p

If you want GPS file(.gdb) for the tour, it is here.:)

また、GPSデータ(.gdb ファイル)もアップしました。ご入用の方はこちら
thanks for waiting...

hi everyone,
I really enjoyed the tour. the preparation and guiding was excellent, sora. thanks a lot for letting me join in and waiting for me...
To all beginners outside I can say: this club is quite professional, but everyone is very kind and there is no excuse, not to join, even you are a beginner, like me. because everybody cares and the main thing is having fun...
I felt very comfortable, even my bike was not professional style but kind of old fashioned...
I am looking forward seeing you at hanami.
bye, bye teelke:bike:
thanks for joining!!!

Teelke-san, Teelke-san,

welcome to TCC!
Thank you for your words. I am a little bit embarrassed for your words.:eek:
It is my greatest pleasure that you joined and enjoyed the tour!:p
It was my so great time that I could not be sober. How long it took for met to get home! I was on a train after Ikebukuro from Shibuya to Yokohama, from Yokohama to Shibuya, from Shibuya to Yokohama.....I don't know how many times I was in Shibuya Sta. and Yokohama Sta..:warau:

I am also looking forward seeing you at hanami.

Biking with fun!!
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