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Official Ride Tour de la Pink 2009


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Similarly to how I had to delegate the KT rides to AlanW, Ash Warren has put me in charge of the "Tour de la Pink", Hanami – Cherry blossom viewing – ride.

In previous years, we've all followed a set course through the streets of Tokyo. Last year at the Kusatsu race however, Ash and I spoke about this particular format for a social-ride, and decided that we had to somehow make it more exciting for ALL of the participants; regardless of their varying riding abilities.

Basically, we have our really fast riders, but we also have members who are new to the bicycle.
We have our map-reading freaks (that would include myself), and we have some people who are both fast AND can read maps very well, but are new to Tokyo and haven't yet figured out "the lay of the land".

Ash and I figured that the best way to cater for riders of all levels was to do something like an across-town relay – Heading to 5 or six completely unrelated locations, and we would all take separate routes to the same place – kind of like a "stamp rally".

The ONLY two places that will be the advertised are the "start" and the "finish". Of course, each destination in between will be a cherry-blossom viewing location. The only catch is that you won't know where the next "check-point" is until you've reached the previous one.
At each "check-point", you will be given a map & address to the next one. You can take any route you wish to get there; so not everyone will have to "follow the leader" this time – You may take (make) your own course through the city.
If you've ever done "orienteering" in the boy-scouts or girl-guides, you'll know what I'm talking about.

This is what will make the ride interesting! Fast riders with few map skills will be at a disadvantage over slower riders who know the streets. At the bottom end of the scale will be the people who have just started riding and who also don't the roads around Tokyo. For those people who sign up as a "Novice", you will also be allowed to have a map of the next check-point so that you can skip every second one.


Date: March 28 (Sat), or March 29 (Sun).
So as not to clash with the KT rides that Alan is arranging.

Cost: ¥500 - This is only to cover the printing cost of the maps you will receive at each check-point.

Starting Point: Shinjuku-Gyoen – North entrance. A map of the exact location will be posted within a couple of days (the same place we had lunch at 2 years ago).

Riding speed: As fast or as slow as you like! The only point to be made here is: All times will be calculated at, or as near as possible to, 20km/h. That means if the distance to the next check-point is 12km, you'll be given 36 minutes to get there - 3 minutes per kilometer.
At each check-point, waiting time will be 30 minutes – ie. If it takes you 39 mins to ride that 12km, you'll only have 27 mins rest time (If you get there in 31 minutes, you can have a 35 min. break). If it looks like you'll be late, please head to the following check-point. (Not to sound like the US military, but…) We won't leave anyone behind!

As mentioned earlier, this is a "social" ride, designed for people who probably wouldn't normally ride together in the same group. I will endeavour to contact other riding groups (eg. "Don's Half-Fast, and Nalsima, etc) to see if they would also like to take part.

One last point is; if at all possible, get into a team of riders. For example, if there are a few fast riders, and one of you knows the way and the other guys don't, help each other out. The same goes with the slower riders & newbies – One of you may know the roads on your side of town, but then you may be helped by the guy next to you who knows his way around on the other side of town.

Please reply to this site, to inform us of your willingness to join.

No matter what…. Rubber Down!

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A "social race"? :) Sounds like fun - count me in! :bike::bike::bike:
...but don't count on my Tokyo-orientation skill

Thank you for arranging this exiciting event.

I will be in IF it is at March 29th.

Minoru Arai
Heading to 5 or six completely unrelated locations, and we would all take separate routes to the same place – kind of like a "stamp rally".

The ONLY two places that will be the advertised are the "start" and the "finish".



Sounds great.
Thanks for adding a tint of excitement into this traditional greatest event of this season. :confused: A lot of assistants would be required to execute this..........
Looks like a fun day--great idea. Not sure if I can make it yet, but will let you know.
Top stuff! Count me in (anything below novice :)?). Let me know what I can do to help.

pink tour

Sat 28th for me if it comes down to a vote.

Thank heavens, I have finally got a Garmin 705.

I can lend a hand, even two but no riding unless it's to the nearest konbini.
I'm in - possibly with g/f as well, she flies back to Tokyo on the 28th though. If she's there, I'm weak, if not, I'm considerably stronger.
Starting point map!


Shinjuku-Gyouen, North side: at 9:30am.

Still some debate as to whether it will be Saturday or Sunday.
So far, most of the replies seem to opt for the Saturday; but I'll let you know!

>Lee: "Will there be a meal at the end this year?"... YES there will - still at an undisclosed location.

Will update soon!
Saturday! It is...

...Firstly, I have to apologize to AlanW, for the double-booking / overlap of his KT7 ride this weekend.
However, the general consensus for both rides seems to be heading towards Saturday, 28th; rather than the Sunday.

I will do my best to co-ordinate with Alan so that both groups of riders may be able to meet up at the end of the day for a drink and some food.

>Tour de la Pink riders: This post will be updated within the next few hours, with the locations of each "checkpoint"! However, the order of each will not be given until the actual ride...

See you on Saturday!
Basic Details....

Start: Shinjuku Gyou-en.
Meeting at 9:30, and rolling out at 10:00.

Finish: Ueno Park.
Hopefully by 16:00, with an hour to spare while we wait for those who got lost, or just want to turn up for drinks.

There will be six checkpoints in between the Start & Finish, but they won't all be in a circular route; so EXPECT some zig-zags and double-backs.
Here are the names of the 6 checkpoints, as well as the names of the (Nearest train/subway stations).

These are in Alphabetical order; NOT in the order that we will ride between them:

* Aoyama-bochi (JR Shinanomachi, or Roppongi subway, "Hibiya-line")
* Hamarikyu-Tei en (JR Hamamatsucho)
* Myogadani – "Harima-zaka" (Myogadani subway, "Marunouchi-line")
* Rikugi-en (JR Komagome)
* Shiragane-Koen (JR Meguro)
* Yoyogi Park (JR Harajuku)

The entire ride will take place within the "JR Yamanote-line" (or slightly outside, in the case of parks), with a riding distance of approximately 55km. Add to that a half-an-hour break & waiting time at each of the six checkpoints, the whole ride should take no longer than 6 hours, and barring any problems, we should arrive in Ueno at around 4pm.

Once at Ueno park, we will have about an hour to "do our own thing" before we head to "The HUB – English Pub", just across the road from Shinobazu-Pond.

PRICE: Depends…
The 3 parks we will visit cost between 200-500 yen for entry – But you don't have to go in if you don't want to.
The HUB, is also free if you're not hungry or thirsty. However, for the first initial plates of food in Ueno, we would ask everyone to chip in 500 yen for the first round of food, and then you can buy what you like for yourselves after that.
ie. It's a pretty cheap day out, really.

* I will call the HUB to see if they can get us about 20 seats near each other.

Apart from that, let's just enjoy the ride!!!

This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll check if the wife has anything planned, but if not, count me in!

Do we have to confirm our attendance or can we just show up at the start point?

...Show up at the starting point! And we'll go from there.

Tomorrow morning (Sat.28), we'll meet at Shinjuku-Gyouen at 9:30.
Everyone will be given a card-sized map of the next location / checkpoint.
There will be a reference map at each checkpoint, so that you may individually check your routes or course to the following checkpoint.

"massa" will be the other co-ordinator, and we will work together to make sure that everyone has a safe & fun ride.

You should all bring a map of the inner-city roads within the Yamanote-line for you own reference. We will stop for lunch at 12:30 before heading on to the next checkpoint. If you don't have a map, it would be advisable to get into a small group of riders - preferably with someone who knows the roads & rides at your pace.

Massa & I will give out our ph.numbers at the start in case anyone gets lost along the way, and will direct you to the next checkpoint, so as not to waste time waiting.

I have copies of "20" maps of each location, so if more than 20 people are there, you may have to share a map.

Will see you tomorrow at 9:30.
Rubber Down! Travis & Massa
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