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Official Ride Tour de Kusatsu 2010


Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
I am sure everyone got their envelopes today: TCC mountain goats, it's Kusatsu time again!


I don't think that the race needs further introduction, but here are the accounts of TCC's participation in the previous two years:

2008 and 2009

The official websites are maintained by Kusatsu Onsen and Sports Entry. The race will be held on April 18, 2010. Internet registration starts on January 1, phone registration on January 4, 2010, entries will close on March 25, 2010.

As the "Tour de Kusatsu" is in fact Travis' very own domain, I will leave the drumbeating and the KT scheduling up to him. :)

(...... I just copy and paste Thomas' announcement in last year.:warau:)

I will register accommodation for April 17th.
Please let me know you will need it or not.

No parade run before the race in this year........:cry:

■開催日: 4月18日
■申し込み: ネットなら1月1日から、電話なら1月4日から。いずれも3月25日まで(先着順)

■サイト:ツールド草津 and 申し込み(スポーツエントリー)

■宿泊: 今年も小島屋旅館を予約しようとしています。参加ご希望の方は宿泊の要否もお知らせ(書き込み)ください。


-------------------------------------Disclaimer from TCC--------------------------------------
[in Japanese 日本語]

Already signed up

... this year riding for TCC ! :)

Sora-san, thank you for adding me to the list of TCC-ers staying at Kojimaya Ryokan.

Travis, Alan, Thomas et al...looking forward to joining some of the Kusatsu Training (KT) sessions ! Let's do O-yama again.
Hi Sora-san,

Even I don't have any hillclimb race experience, I'll go for it. :)
Could you add the accommodation number for me? And, it'll be great help to
have a advice from you.

Sora san


I have already enrolled as TCC. but do not need accomodation as usual.

See you on the day.

Minoru Arai
We'll join!

Hi Sora-san,

My wife Emi & I would like to join and stay at the Kouakan Ryokan with y'all. I am not strong in the hills but I think it will be fun to give it a go! Just got back from 814km tour to Takamatsu! Including the climb up Hakkone. That was fun - except for the bus drivers trying to squish me. We also did the Fuji Eco Ride this year. We're planning a bicycle Henro in March. Anyway, put me down for 2 if that is ok?

Best Regards,

Andrew Eickhoff


p.s. Check out the new charity I am starting in Tokyo. Know anybody that would like to help with translating? I am setting up the website now.
I am in too

Hi Sora-san,

Just registered, so please put me down to share a room at Kojimaya Ryokan.



Hi all,

I had been soooooooooooo looking forward to Tour de Kusatsu, but Alan & I will not be able to participate this year, because our friend's wedding will clash with the race. What a shame:(
Hope you all can improve your time, more over, record your best time:bike:

草津をとっても楽しみにしていたし、今年は5位以内を狙いたかったのですが・・・友人の結婚式と重なり参加できません:( すご~く残念:eek:uch:

I'm in! If there's any ryou-kan available would love to join.

2008 -
49 min

2009 -
43 min

2010 -
aiming for another 6 min cut :cool:
Two more please

Hi Sora-san,

Two of my friends have registered and they both would like a share room at Kojimaya Ryokan. And they are both ladies.

Mary Eckstein
Ma Rowan

Thanks very much again.

And another

Hi again Sora-san,

One more friend for the ryokan:

Geraldine Nogami

Geraldine would be happy to share with Mary and Ma.

Thanks again.

Sora san


I have already enrolled as TCC. but do not need accomodation as usual.

See you on the day.

Minoru Arai


I changed my mind. This year, I would like to stay with TTC folks at the same ryokan. Please include me.

Minoru Arai
I'm in

Sora san, I've registered. Could you please put me down for 1 at the ryokan? Thanks, Mike :D
Good Luck!!

Yet another

Dear Sora-san,

I have one more lady to add to the accommodation list. I wish that I can always be this popular with the ladies. :cool:

Mika Tokairin

All four ladies will be happy to share a room at the ryokan.

Thanks so much!

I went last year for work, but this year I can actually ride! Super excited....chilling in that town was really fun.

See you all there!
One More Please!

Hi Sora,

Mikio Hayashi also signed up and requested that you add him to the accommodations.

Kusatsu HillClimb, registered

Hello Sora-san,

This is Mikio and am new here. Andrew recommended me I register for TCC and contact you about the Kusatsu HillClimb. I also registered for the first time this year, and was wondering if you could stay with you too at the 小島屋旅館.

I've beenn riding since 2007 but have never really participated in any races. Kusatsu in going to be my debut race!! I'm really looking forward to the race and I also want to get involved in this community a lot more!

Could you please count me in at the ryokan as well?
Thank you for organizing!

Best regards,
Is anyone doing the Gunma CSC race the day before?

I am signed up for Kusatsu and will try to fit in the race before....time wise I wonder if I can do it.

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