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Tour de Kunisaki


Feb 12, 2007
Hello To all.

While looking on the net at some cycle forums I came across TCC forums which Looked well organized and many people are based in Japan. I am from the UK and have been living in Fukuoka for a number of years. I bought a Trek bike last year and started to really enjoy road biking. I try to get out once or twice a week for a 30-60 km ride around the coast line of Fukuoka and Saga.

A couple of months ago while on the net I came across an ad for the Tour de Kunisaki in Oita which is only a couple of hours away from my place. I am planning to do this tour with a friend and we both want to try the full 165km.

My questions are.

1. Has any one done this tour before and is the course very hilly?
2. Do you think I could achieve my goal of completing the 165km on the basis that I only train twice a week?

Thank you Riceman
Hi Riceman,

welcome aboard! :welcome:

I haven't participated in the Tour de Kunisaki, but I rode the same route in December 2005. I started out in Beppu and went north to Kunisaki hanto via Usa-shi. I had strong headwind heading north, but the route was not very hilly. There was practically no traffic after Bungo-Takada, but I remember there were about 16 tunnels to be passed. The road down from Kunisaki-shi (Prefectural Road 213) is pretty flat, tailwind made my way home to Beppu a breeze. I totalled about 160km that day, should be no problem for you (I didn't even use a road bike, see below). :)

Hello Riceman,
My name's Travis.
I recently came back from a ride all the way around Kyushu (nearly 1,000km in 8 days).
To your question: "Do you think I could achieve my goal of completing the 165km on the basis that I only train twice a week?", I would have to say, yes you could complete it! BUT, I think you should extend your training rides so that they're at least up in the 100km range.
I've only ridden in your area once - on the first day; from Fukuoka to Nagasaki.
And in your race area once - on the last day; from Beppu to Kita-Kyushu airport, so I don't really know the course - Thomas knows it better than I do.
I looked at the map I bought in Kyushu, and as a few suggestions for good training rides:
1. Follow route 202 all the way out to Karatsu, and then back again - about 90km.
2. IF you have a bike-bag, take the train to Karatsu, and ride around the coast on route 204, and head down to Imari. Then ride back up to Karatsu on route 202. That should be about 100km.
3. Go the other way towards Kokura, along route 3 and come back via the coast road, route 495 - the round trip will be about 120-130km.

If you're training for a particular ride, you should at least up everything on what you will have to do on the day of the ride.
I haven't ridden on all of the roads I suggested to you, but I've ridden on some of them, and just from looking at the map, the courses I did choose are ones that I think I would do if I lived in your area, and had the time to ride them.
I wish you luck, and look forward to hearing how you went at "Kunisaki"!
Rubber down! Travis
Thank you

Thomas, Yellow giant thank you for your encouragement. I will let you know how I get on in kunisaki. Also yellow giant Thank you for some great Ideas on some training Routes I will give them a try when I have time.

Regards Riceman
Fukuoka routes

I am travelling to Fukuoka in a few weeks and am bringing my bike. Do you have any suggestions fro good bike routes aroung Fukuoka, I stay in Kamo,
Thanks for your help
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