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Tour De Japan Stage 1 Kawagoe 3/13th


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Good luck James & Tsukino!

It's a tight course as you know. The cherry blossoms petals probably won't be a factor this year and hopefully it won't be snowing like it is now.
Hope you both get on the podium. Watch out for the crazy riders on those corners.

Although I'm not racing, I find it a little disappointing to see that there are almost no gaijin racing it this year.


I hope to get back in shape asap but don't think I will be able to race till Saiko due to work this year.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Cheers, S-class is a lot safer than the other classes and pretty much everyone at Kawagoe is an old hand not sure if I will get on the Podium as my team mate Goji Kawamura just returned from racing in France at the opening of the Pro Season there and is in Tip-Top condition

Also Kuramoto-san and Hiroshi-san will be in the line up so a stiff competition for sure also I have no idea of what my condition is at the moment and the opening race will give me a mucgh better idea of how things are looking so please don't expect a podium slot from me :D

Also Tsukino has been moved up to the older ca. and although she was looking great on her training session on Saturday (She is perfectly fitted on last years bike now but will outt grow it in a few months!) the distance is perfect for her but those boys can bloody shift!
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