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Tour de Izu (Aug.14-16)


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Hi, all

It's this time again. Izu time.
2 days to ride the peninsula north to south and back. No coast roads, plenty of climbing, picturesque valleys and twisty rindos (no hikling). Reasonably fast pace.

Here's The Plan -

Day 1 (14th) - ride out to the north part of Izu (Atami, Mishima or Numazu, or something like this)
Day 2 (15th) - ride to Shimoda (or somewhere next to it) through the middle of the peninsula, beer, stay overnight
Day 3 (16th) - back to the main land - Atami, Odawara, Beer. Train back to Tokyo.

Routes are not ready yet, will post them when (if) they are. Weather looks good so far.

Participants so far:
- Thomas
- Sergey
anyone else interested?
Hi, Izu-ites! :)

Here's the final confirmation -

Meeting information:
- August 14th, Hashimoto st. at 10.00

Thomas, Okey, Sergey
(it's still not late to join - if you only have time to ride during Sat and Sun - you can take shinkasen on Sat early morning to join us)

Day 1 (we stop at Mishima, or nearby):
Day 2 (basic route, but there are some options to make it longer and much harder):
Day 3 (same route from my last year's ride - we'll have to think our options later):

I didn't book hotels in Izu for staying between days 2-3 yet. Will try to do so later... :warau:

See you tomorrow! :bike:
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