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Tour De France help


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Anyone know how I can watch it on streaming video online? Deej, you're usually the man:) I usually download it the day after, but after watching the Giro live I'm pretty keen to get it live:D
bump...cheers Phil, any other places? Anyone???
Has anyone tried watching on one of the live stream links from the TdF homepage?

I'm really wondering about these services but when I looked at ITV.com it didn't seem to be live video as such.
Thomas A+ for Veetle!
Thanks Thomas! :thumb: Good quality plus phil and paul commentary! Brilliant! ... pity about the ads, tho...
Thanks Thomas, works beautifully:D You can also download the iTV version from some bitorrent sites the following day. I always do this and get every stage so I can sit on my exercise bike and watch it while I'm pedaling. Gotta love this tme of year:)

NOW my next request, what's the best cycling mag for the Tour? Anyone know where I can buy it? Just want to have something in my hand as I'm watching the stages.....

Veetle is working fine!
But you have to click on "Channel", and select Bofcast Sports in the "Veetle On Air" screen.
They're still showing it, but they're just not advertising that it's the Tour.
Besides, it's a better picture than the "versus.com" site.

Lance baby!

Team Astana killed the TTT. Lance is in 2nd place.....This Tour is AWESOME! No drug issues yet....standby.....LOL.

Experience goes a long way!!!
yeah, i suppose coz it's the weekend the guys that upload it are busy or something. Check out mininova, there's one version there now.
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