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Tour de First Climb

Rain on Saturday

Well bummer.

It looks like Saturday is going to be very wet. I don't think it would be much fun to slog through the rain for several hours, so I am canceling/postponing the ride (but by all means, those of you willing to brave the elements, please go for it!).

Unfortunately, I am not free on Sunday, so those of you planning to attack this route that day will have to do so without me. *

But let's do this ride soon! I will put up a notice when I set a date. Next Saturday is out for me, so I am tentatively looking at moving this ride to Sunday, June 8.


* A little birdie told me that the good people over at Half Fast Cycling are planning the exact same route for this Sunday, although their ride will include a ramen stop at the top of the first climb (get those carbs before tackling Wada-toge!).

If you are interested, I suggest you contact the friendly folks there to learn more details. http://halffastcycling.com/contact.html

Thanks - its always tough to abort a ride. I am certainly up for this next Sunday.

Cheers for now,

Charles aka chazzer

If anyone is interested in doing this ride tomorrow, and knows the route or thinks we can navigate it via the map Deej linked, or is joining the group Deej mentioned above, then please let me know :)

If not (or if so), I'm also Ok with next Sunday.

Laters :)
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