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totalcycling.com any good?

is getting very fashionable these days...almost infectious:) Good to read you're getting serious about cycling again;) Terry Boy! When will you be rolling again? Coming with us to Kusatsu?

BTW...what happened to the CANYON?

My size was not available on 2008 model and I didn't want to wait 6 month for 2009. The same reply from orbea, no Arin frame:(.

No cycling and triathlon race this year ...........(may be one cycling:warau:).

I just ordered a Garmin Edge 705 and a few bits and pieces from Wiggle. The Edge performance version with cadence and HRM is sold out until early Feb--I'm not surprised at 36,000 yen.

The pound shows why, of course--down from over 200 to the yen last year--250 in Aug 2007--to 125 today. Madness!

Been a real fan of probikekit.com (http://www.probikekit.com/) in the UK. Like Chazzer, have had all positive experiences. On top of the 40% decrease in GBP exchange rate, shipping to Japan's been about 1550 yen regardless of order size. Great updates on order status (if things are shipped separately) and average order to delivery has been about 1 week.

I echo Thomas on Cycle Yoshida on Eitai-dori in Kiba, but think it depends on who you deal with. I don't know the name, but there's a guy who wears white Oakely glasses who is very passionate about bikes and his customers. Repairs are always high quality and cheap (if he takes money at all). I've had so-so experience with some of younger guys in the shop, and always look for the Oakley man.
Well, after reading some horror stories about totalcycling.com, I was a little worried today when I opened the box of goodies I ordered from them. Sure enough, while the Campy Chorus groupset I ordered was in there, they sent the wrong saddle and the wrong seatpost. And the packing was atrocious, with very little padding to keep everything from moving around.

I called and was told that while they have the saddle I ordered in stock, the Ritchey Carbon seatpost I ordered was no longer available. A rather bored sounding representative told me that to get the return/refund process started, I have to contact them via email and they will tell me how to proceed from there. Having dealt with them through email before, I can expect to hear back from them in about, oh, two weeks.

I can't help but think they sent the wrong (cheaper) stuff hoping that I'd just say, "Ah, what the heck."

Very poor service indeed.

I had the same problems with them..... Wiggle on the other hand have been perfect. If they don`t have it they tell you how long it will take. (an honest answer too!) Well packed and will reply to your mails the same working day.
Total cycling have been deleted from my bookmarks!
Total cycling have been deleted from my bookmarks!

Ditto. They seduce you with their low prices, but the operation seems utterly shambolic. What's going on over there?

Did you by any chance ever have to send an item back for a refund? I'm curious how that process works, such as, do I have to use a special courier service?

I`ve never used Total but I`ve returned 2 things to Wiggle (a faulty Polar computer - their fault; a DuraAce derailleur - my fault) and 1 thing to Chain Reaction ( a wrong-sized compression top - their fault) and both places paid for shipping from Japan back to the UK. They just changed the shipping fee marked on the package when it arrived from yen to UK pounds and credited my cc/paypal. There is some UK `internet shopper zero-risk` policy clause, basically a no-questions-asked return policy they`re supposed to comply with. Good luck man; what a drama!

Am constantly amazed at the random packaging I get. Sometimes you order something fragile and it comes practically naked. Sometimes you order a big totally indestructible chunk of iron and it comes bubble wrapped to HELL and back. Or worst case in a big box of packing peanuts.
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