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Toronto to Nagareyama


Oct 2, 2008
Good evening all,

I've been lurking on the site for the past few hours and it seems to be quite the fun place, so I thought I'd take the plunge!

I'm relatively new to the road compared to X-country MTBing. I started in '06 and am absolutely loving it. I am currently riding with the L'Ottimo guys in Kashiwa/Abiko on Saturday mornings. However, I had my first experience doing mountain riding last week and I am absolutely hooked! Went up to the Nikko area and climbed one of the local hills over there...not sure of the name but the name Kirifri Highland rings a bell.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to do some more of that. If not, perhaps there are some riders in the Nagareyama/Kashiwa/Abiko/Matsudo area who wouldn't mind getting together for a ride sometime.

Hi, I'm near you and some guys in my team train with the L'Ottimo guys too...

For Sunday morning rides near you come to the Nagareyama bridge on the Saitama side at 7;30 a.m...

Where do you ride with them on Saturday mornings? Tega Numa?
Welcome, fellow Torontonian. :)

I'm sort of near you, further out toward the airport down the Tone river, and I'm always looking to join people for rides out this side of town. Let me know whenever you want to head eastward.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

I definitely look forward to getting together for rides with the both of you. It's nice to know that fellow bikers are in the area.

Edogawakikkoman, I do the Tega rides every Saturday and the odd Sunday as well. I will definitely join you one of these Sundays. Will have to be after the long weekend however. How far do you usually ride on Sundays?

Phil, for sure I would love to join you for a ride. We'll have to set something up.

Thanks again!
The group ride starts at 7:30 a.m and finishes around 9:30. Then afterwards people break up in groups and do their own riding or go home.

At the moment we have 2 courses. Racers and Beginners.
The beginners do a lap crossing the bridge at Misato then going up to Noda bridge, crossing over again, take a few photos then head back to the start.
Roughly 25km. They will ride the whole thing at about 25kph.

Those who want to go a bit faster:
We head up the river in the same direction but on the Saitama side. A slow warm up for 16km. We also split into groups of 4 or 5 to keep it safe and the slower groups tend to head out first. Faster groupd will wait and chase at a pace so that we all roughly arrive at the break at the same time.
The average for the warm up will be 24kph for the slow and 30 to 32 for the faster groups. All depends on how people feel.

After 16km we stop take a few pics then form groups to race back to the start.
This is where the hard fun starts. Fastest group leaves first so as not to run into congestion on the way back. If there are not many fast guys there on the day you get to test yourself...

12km sprint, 4km warm down.
If there are 4 groups the speeds will be something like this.
38 to 40 for 4 km. 40 to 45 for 4km then cat and mouse for the last 3 or 4km with the final sprint going over 55kph.
Slower groups will be going about 38kph till the sprint to 50kph.
Slowest group (not sure exactly). Maybe between 32 and 38 with a 45 sprint...

Of course if you are not so fast and not feeling good on the day you just drop off the back and come in at your own pace.
Lately, Ive been getting dropped in the last 1 or 2 kms due to nasty mini attacks by one of the younger guys. :mad:
If you can hang on and contest a win you may feel ready to go in faster groups the following weeks.

We then chat over cola for 30 minutes to an hour before riding some more.

Can be anywhere from 10 to 50 people turn up for this.... usually canceled if raining.

I've been doing this more than 30 times a year since 2003. Only miss it if it's raining, I'm racing or weddings and funerals.
Wow, sounds great! I definitely would love to get in on the fun! I just hope that I can find the spot. Right now I'm close to Hatsuishi station.

Right now I'm usually riding for about 70 km on Saturdays. I ride from my place to Tega as the warm up. Then I usually go with the 3rd group that leaves from Tega. That group usually rides up to 38 km/h.

The sprints that you mentioned sound a bit crazy...can't say that I have ever hit those speeds. It's something to work towards. I guess I can try riding with the slowest of the sprint groups and work my way up from there. Either way...it sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to meeting you soon! Thanks for posting all of the details.
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