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Too long without wheels


Apr 11, 2009
Hi all,

My employers moved me to Tokyo temporarily for my job back in December and have been bikeless since. I've been cycling around London for ~3 years now, so going back to two feet has taken some getting used to. I'd also love to start riding fixed gear (how I learned to ride, in fact) and was going to wait until I got back to London to get a new bike, but since I'm only 5'3" maybe getting one in Tokyo would be a better option? My Japanese isn't great (I can get around) but would appreciate any advice on where to start looking, or if anyone would like to accompany me on an afternoon of drooling over bikes on a nice spring day I will shout you a coffee, ramen, okonomiyaki... :D


Rely to your msg


I live in Yokohama area and I enjoy biking in the weekend. And I do ride around Tokyo area some Sat. Let me know if you need assistance in getting a bike or need a bike partner from time to time.

Have a nice weekend!


I'm sort of the in the same position as you, having been moved here a month ago by my company, but I'm a short (5'1"), beginner biker (unlike you! :)) and have been trying to look around for a bikes as well.

If you'd like, and I understand if you'd rather go with a more experienced biker :warau:, I would definitely like to join you one afternoon bike shopping (I could use the experience too :D)!

I'm also thinking about getting fitted for a bike and there's a shop (Sports Bikes HiRoad) that's been highly suggested by plenty of people on this site, so if you'd like to join me as well, I could always use the company and perhaps we can look at bikes there.

I'm usually free on the weekends, so let me know if you'd like to get together!
Tokyo has some amazing options for track bikes if you can afford them. Check out Carnival and W-Base in Harajuku. They are a little tough to find, but are well worth it. (should have maps on their web sites). Surprisingly, Tokyuu Handz also has a decent selection of stuff and is usually cheaper. Ill be in Tokyo next weekend to ride with some friends and if you have a bike by then, or need a guide to said shops, let me know. The more the merrier.

Also going to be in Chiba today an tomorrow and the Chiba velodrome in a few weeks if youre into that sort of thing.

And welcome! Im new too.
ill lo9ic, do you think it's possible to buy a fixed gear same day or will it take months just to get on a waiting list to order a custom frame? Clearly there are also the implications of wandering into a place like Carnival with limited Japanese and the shame of being a newb...

...I would be forever grateful for a guide! :D :D
If you want a custom Kalavinka or something then you will have to wait for months. If you dont need a custom bike then you can probably get one the same day. Depot, W-Base and Carnival are all close together and I bet you could find a kick ass bike at one of them. Im pretty sure they all have fully built up bikes that you can literally pay for and ride away on. You could also pick out all the parts you want and have it built up for you possibly on the same day, but probably after a day or two. And I dont mind being a guide. Ill pm you my number.
FIG is near Nalsima Frend and has got a selection of fixed gear bikes that look as if you could ride one away on the same day. The parts dept is towards the back.


A made to order track frame can be 3 weeks for a Panasonic (?JPN) to 6 months for an Eimei (140 000-150 000JPY).

List of some frame builders in Japan

Some recommended names

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