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Too aggressive for a first-timer?


Nov 16, 2010
I am currently writing to you all from Fujisawa City, Kanagawa.

This is my first long road trip, although I have done plenty of day rides.

My goal is Kita-kyushu, if time allows Fukuoka.

Specifically, from Kobe City, is there a way to get to Shikoku?

I want to ride the Shimanami Kaido Bridge from Shikoku to Hiroshima, and then move along honshu towards Yamaguchi and then Kyushu.

Is riding the #42 from Shizuoka along the southern coastline and across the Atsumi Peninsula a bad idea?


Am I gunna be OK!? :)

total KM is a little less than 1200.
Definitely ride the Shimanami-Kaido, it's on of the most scenic routes of Japan. Traveling through Northern Shikoku is great as well, wonderful routes, scarce traffic and lots of Udon in Kagawa prefecture.

For more info on Shimanami-Kaido, check: www.go-shimanami.jp

Have fun
There is a ferry from Akashi near Koube to the north end of Awajishima but at the south end you have to put your bike on a bus to get to Shikoku. I've heard of it being done but I don't know if that's normally OK or if the guy I heard of got lucky. YMMV.

If it's not essential to go to Koube then you could bike down to Wakayama-shi and catch the ferry across to Tokushima-shi. The Iya Valley is nice.
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