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Tomin no Mori


Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
Thinking of doing this on Sunday, as long as it is not raining that is !

After my return to the mountains via Yamanakako I took part in the Fuji Ecocycle so have another good 120km under my belt and raring to go.

Now....the big question is....is it still a summer kit outing or is the collective view that it is time for the winter togs ?

Thanks !!

Ideally both?

Hi Charles,

Christoph and I were cycling in Okutama/Chichibu last weekend. Going up is still hot work. However, coming down was cold. I was wearing a thicker winter top over summer gear and carrying a windbreaker. You definitely need a warm top and windbreaker coming off Tomin-no-mori (in my humble opinion).

What time are you heading up Tomin-no-mori?


Phil - thanks good advice. I will go with winter top and bottom then.

Sunday morning - I guess 10:30 to 11 start ....weather does look dodgy though

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