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Tomin no Mori


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
Does anyone have any idea of the road condition at this time of year?
If it hasnt snowed/rained for a couple days it should be fine. I rode up there a week ago, and no problems. Some snow on the sides of the road etc., but perfectly safe for riding, especially if its after early morning.
Be careful on the north side descent towards okutama. Its mostly in the shade and can get a bit wet on the surface esp in the morning. Nice and steady and you should be alright though.

(Note: haven't been up there for a month.)
To answer my own question....
Not too bad, lots of snow on the sides of the road. Some icy patches towards the bottom. The top was salted and the sun had taken care of the rest. The road was closed from the rest area on up. The rest area car park was a bed of snow and ice, but the cocoa was hot!
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