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Gus Duncan

Dec 8, 2007
I think I will have to stay away from the Izu Mountains now. It's getting colder and I have no experience riding in the cold. Winter on the Gold Coast where I come from has day time averages of 20C to 25C…early morning rides you might have to deal with 5C to 10C but that doesn't last long.

The cold temp is Ok while climbing but I get very cold on the descents… I seem to spend a lot of time taking off and putting on clothes…

Yesterday, to avoid any altitude induced hyperthermia I managed 100km on a busy, flat coastal road to Zushi near Kamakura and back to Odawara.
On the way back I was 'sitting on' a truck from Enoshima to Oiso along the beach front …
Apart from knocking over the km's, it was warm close behind the truck in the 'draft' and I could enjoy a 45-50kph ride. The truck started to move to 70kph. I thought… gee this guy is trying to drop me…then I realized I was on a TOLL road…I wonder what the cars behind me were thinking…? I pulled over and went back to HWY 1 and 30kph…
It was a good run. It felt good on the flat moving fast after all the climbing I have been doing along Izu.
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