Tokyo to Shizuoka take 2

Jul 20, 2011
Last summer I rode route 1 from the Tokyo area to my in-laws relatively near Shizuoka station (nishi-aizu): Day 1 Tokyo to Odawara, Day 2 to Nishi-Yaizu. Being my first bike trip it was fun but could have been more enjoyable. A more experienced cyclist recommended using this forum to find a better route. Adding a day or two is ok as I think I'd like to see parts of Izu. Any recommendations or tips.


Apr 2, 2008
If you want to ride in Izu, an interesting way to go is to cycle down the west coast to, or otherwise end up at, Toi Onsen and then take the ferry accross the bay to Shimuzu.

An alternative way would be to ride to the Fuji five lakes area (stay near Kawaguchi-ko or Sai-ko) and then day 2 go down past Motosu-ko off the plateau to the river. It is a big climb but the road up (google maps shows as rte 808?) from the valley that crosses over the ridge to Umegashima Onsen is spectacular and then it is 50 km steady downhill to Shizuoka station. First time I went that way it was great. Second time road was closed by landslide so stayed down in the river valley more.

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Speeding Up
Jun 22, 2008
I rode from Tokyo to Hamamatsu in 2010, mostly along the coast:
I can not really recommend that. In addition all roads close to the coast between Tokyo and Atami are congested, so I believe it would be better to take the bike on the train to Atami and do as Alan suggested.

Alternatively it might be nice to take the"inner" roads and start from Ome of Chichibu, ride over Jikoku Pass to Chino and then Southwards along the Tenryu River. This is of course much longer and includes much more elevation meters, but a couple of Positivo Espresso Guys and TCCler have done thatbefore and were quite positive about.