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Tokyo to Shizuoka route?


Apr 15, 2007
Hi all,

My Golden Week plan involves cycling down to Shizuoka city. It's 160 kms on the expressway so probably around 200-ish on the regular roads. I figured I could do it in a day if I started early but that was before I remembered the hills of Hakone.

Anyone have any suggested routes? As it is Route 1 is hardly the nicest road in Japan so perhaps a different route would be better. I was considering making in a two dayer and cycling out to Yamanashi and going round Mt Fuji from the north and then straight down through the hills to Shizuoka.

Suggestions gratefully received!

You`d probably take route 1. I have travelled from Shizuoka to Yokohama via Hakone Pass and Atami Pass. Atami pass from east to west is short but very steep.
Road trip!

Hi Tokyoscoop,

I did a Tokyo-Shizuoka trip a few months ago, taking Route 1 there and a more mountainous route for the return trip.

Route 1 was very scenic through Hakone and down toward Mishima, but it got a little "samey" beyond that.

The return trip was much more scenic, though it involved longish stretches of routes 1 and 246, where the big trucks can make things a little hairy at times.

Here's a link to the thread I posted about the trip. There, you'll find a link to a map of the route I used for the return trip.



Thanks, that's almost the exact same ride I am planning, although I'll be starting from Ikebukuro and finishing in Shizuoka City with the wife driving down.

I'll have to study the maps. How long did it take you each way?
How long did it take you each way?

Oops, pardon the delayed response!

Going to Shizuoka along Route 246 and then Route 1 took about 10.5 hours, but that was mainly due to a killer headwind that lasted from Hakone to Shizuoka. Honestly, I had never ridden in such intense wind. I also made two restaurant stops of about 30-45 minutes each.

Coming back took me about 12 hours, as it involved a little more climbing (including the daunting Mikuni Toge) and fumbling around for the right turnoffs.

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