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Tokyo to Osaka question


Speeding Up
May 14, 2010
Hi all! I found this forum not too long ago and am wondering if anyone can help. I have been thinking of going from Tokyo to Osaka by bicycle a great deal lately. Has anyone here actually done this before? I am really interested in which route you took and any specific advice. Thanks for your help, Max.
Go For it

I just did the Tokyo to Osaka trip two weeks ago on my fixie. It was a lot of fun. Basically you can take the Tokaido (Route 1) all the way there. Its perfectly flat and much like a highway in a lot of parts. I took two detours, one to climb over Hakone, and another to ride next to lake Biwa.

I did 100 - 170km per day for 5 days. My schedule was to hang out in the town until about noon, then ride until sundown and find a place to sleep, and do the same the next day.

My stopping points were Hakone, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka.

You could also search out for the Kyu-Tokaido which is the old and mostly unmarked path from Kyoto to Tokyo. This route is more suited to hikers because its very local and you have to do a lot of navigating.

Here is all I brought.

My bike bag (actually my wind breaker). I took this successfully on the Shinkansen.



The hill climb over Hakone

Good Hostels, I didn't stay at Jolly Jap but it was recommended to me.


Wow, very impressive, James!

I got stopped the other day trying to take my much better, but not perfectly wrapped bike onto the Tokaido shinkansen. After some arguing, staff brought me two garbage bags which we wrapped around the bare parts.

You blow me away on what you can do on that Fixie...impressive most impressive.
James, you are a maniac!!! That is superb!

Seriously impressed by this!
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