Tokyo to Miura


Jan 1, 2019
I'm thinking of doing a long ride down to Miura for the first time. I'd love to hear any thoughts on routes.

Here is what I've plotted so far, but there isn't much rhyme or reason to it: Miura 165k

It would also be great to know of any cyclist-friendly cafes or lunch spots.



Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
Not sure how much detail you want or what you want to eat, but Rt357 to Rt16 is how I use to do this loop when i lived in Chinatown.

Around the 28km mark is a park on your right. An old steam locomotive and some nice scenery. Not really worth the stop unless you want one. In that case, it is nice.

As you come up on Yokosuka, traffic can get iffy... so keep your guard up at 50.5+km to 52km.

At 60.5 there is a small joint called "Rest house" - it has some warm food and easy in/out so your bike isn't abandoned.

At 76.5 there is a McDs if you need fuel or shade from the wind/cold.

There is a combini at roughly the 81km - Good place to top off water and grab a snack.

At 112.7 is "Don" (Italian) -- it is good food! Peppered Sword Fish is a great dish. Regardless of your hunger, from the parking lot is a great view.

The first light after 113 there is a Gelato place up a driveway on the right. You will see the signs. Super good, but not sure it is a Winter Treat.
Same light, if you turn right there, you can get in another climb. I think the highest climb on Miura. If you follow it over the top and back down it will come to Rt 27. Turn left on 27, then at 134, you can turn left to get back to your route before Morito or you can turn right and just merge into your route further down.

117km - Morito Shrine is on your left, again, if you have time, the views from the beach are great!
117.5km - Starbucks on the right.

120ish - Red lobster, steak gusto, on the left is "Surfers" <-- great atmosphere

124.3 - Kau Aina Burger

125.8 Biggest Shine in Kamakura.

128.5 and on... traffic.