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Tokyo rides from Central Tokyo Sat 30 of Sept


Sep 26, 2017
thank you for the add

I will be in Tokyo staying at the Park Hotel Tokyo
I am looking for some long rides for Saturday and Sunday. Probably a bit shorter on Sunday and around 130-150km on Saturday.

Thinking about heading out west.
Not sure about traffic etc but average speed would probably be around 27-30km.

Are there any group rides that leave early Saturday? Also for Sunday was looking st something around the 40-60km mark. Which I guess pretty much keeps me in town?

Any help / advice would be appreciated
If email is easier then pls email me on [email protected]

Really looking forward to riding in Tokyo. I'm here for business from a sydney. Sat and Sun are days off to enjoy

not for saturday but we are planning a long-ish green line ride on sunday if you are up for it.
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