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Tokyo riders look out for this guy


Speeding Up
Apr 30, 2008
Sad to say but some of the biggest dangers out there are other cyclists.
There's a few guys I avoid that I've seen out in the mornings at the Palace ride or at Oi Futo but for the most part I don't bother to mention them as they advertise themselves by their riding style and that they don't wear a helmet.
However todays rider endangered himself and everyone else. He rides with westy club a lot, rides a blue CF anchor bike and corima carbon wheels. Usually wears a t-shirt and cycling shorts, hardy ever wears a helmet. He's been riding around the area for a long time so I know to avoid him, but today he made that impossible. He was approaching the left turn to Uchiburi dori at coasting speed as myself and the cars were approaching. Then he swung out as if to set up for the turn, but instead he started coasting like he was on the sidewalk, or it was Sunday Palace cycling. I had to swerve to avoid and a car to the right came close while beeping horn, can't say I blame him for being pissed. I dropped my chain do the the severity of swinging out around him. I let the rider know he was stupid but he just looked at me sort of, "what's wrong?" BTW I believe from rumor he's a Todai graduate. Okay, so avoid this guy at all costs and be careful if he is near you.
Time to bring out a beater bike with elbows flared. Push back.

Or buy some Ben Hur HED wheels.
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