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Tokyo-Nagano-Nikko - Advice, Tips Please


Aug 1, 2015
Hi TCC, I'm visiting Japan in October and plan to ride from Tokyo to Lake Nojiri near Nagano, stay there for a few days and then ride back. More specifically - leave Tokyo on 14 October, take two days to ride to Nojiri, leave Nojiri on 20 Oct, take two days to ride to Nikko.

I'd very much appreciate your advice and tips. I've plotted some routes on Garmin (see links below) based on what I could find on this forum. I think I've planned conservatively (around 100-125km a day) so let me know if that is wrong due to terrain, likely weather, roadworks, tunnels etc. I've booked accommodation in Tokyo and Nojiri but nowhere else. Again, advice welcome.

I'll be riding alone on a road bike with a small rucksack, large-ish saddlebag, not much more than that - some variant of light touring I suppose. Very happy if anyone would like to join me, in whole or in part.

Thanks, Jonny

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