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Tokyo Enduro - Spring edition

Managed to pick up entry to this from Stan. We rode a two man team. Fantastic race. Huge numbers, quite crowded, difficult course - all very exciting.
Edit> That is FAIRLY close to where I live (just checked the map). Haha.

Definitely going to enter! Just need to actually get fit enough and train myself up. Something to aim for!!
Owen....its always good to train for these events but also they are a great way to gauge your fitness when first starting out and learning your strengths and weaknesses.

I did the 2009 Japan King of Endurance - 5 hour solo with pretty much no training and it really set the bar for the the 2010 season.

At the end of it I knew I had the legs for long haul enduro events but seriously lacked power and lactic recovery. I built a training program around this and it seems to have paid off.
Cool, yeah, I think that is a good idea too. This is still a few months away though, and I have been stepping up my riding of late, so hopefully I will be in better shape then than I am now!

Will you be entering this?
No won't be doing this one....In fact I will only be training and focusing on JCF, JCBF and UCI races in 2011. I may do some JCRC - Tour du Japon races and will certainly do the Itoigawa race again but won't be doing anything out side of this as I will have a very busy racing schedule.
make it two ;)
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