Official Ride Tokyo Enduro 2007 & TCC bonenkai 2007 (21st TCC Tour)


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Good idea to limit change overs...our A team in the Tsukuba race works on this approach. Put your best rider in 1st and make them stay in the lead group as long as possible. If they can stick it out for an hour let them. Then give them a long rest and rotate the other riders with as few change overs as possible. 15kms is a good distance as 20 minutes of riding and you should be just getting into the groove (provided you're drafting well). Never lead in these races unless you can break away other wise you're just helping the people/teams sitting on your tail.

I've calculated a loss of 45 seconds in a change over at the Tsukuba race. That's a big loss of distance.

You need a roller to warm up before your turn so you're not riding cold...that's also a big factor in being in the top or not.

If your best rider is feeling good let them ride the last 40 or 50 minutes...have your next rider on stand by.... make sure they are in the fastest pack....

The tactics are the key...

One lap hits are not going to help anybody....

You can always ride about 20% further than you expect if you draft wisely...

36kph average is great....if you can sit in a pack of 40kphers and draft then you are getting bonus time.....

Only lead if it means you will stop the team a place behind you in the standings...or if you are winning...or if you can attack wisely and break away to get some of that time for your next change over....

Were there many crashes?

Did you have any close calls?


Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Yokohama -> Fukuoka