Official Ride Tokyo Enduro 2007 & TCC bonenkai 2007 (21st TCC Tour)


Apr 23, 2006
shakujiidai, nerima ku, tokyo
Great day!

Well! It was a great day!

Ladies team on the podium with 3rd place, a tremendous 7th place from the 'A' team (I predicted they would do well, this was up from the stunning 9th place TCC got last year in our first attempt) and the 'B' team of which I was a member got a very respectable 34th out of 125 teams, so up in the top 20%
(a big thanks for the help and cameraderie of my teammates, Shay, Yasuhiro and Imai san!!)
Who's fast, eh?

Anyway, I will leave official reports to others.

Sora, thanks very much for organising the event and also the bonenkai, I really enjoyed it very much. You know some good restaurants mate!

Travis, thanks very much for organising the run out to Tachikawa in the morning, it was nice to be able to hook up with everybody.

Good to see you all again, looking forward to the next time we can get together!



Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Yokohama -> Fukuoka

Hi all,

thank you all the members who joined tokyo enduro and bonenkai.:D
I really enjoyed them.

Here is the results of the Tokyo Enduro 2007:

TCC A: (Thomas, Travis (YellowGiant), Dave (Deej), Michael Crook.)
LAPS: 28
Distance: 140km
Time: 3h 55m 16s
Rank: 7th

Team B: (Ash, Yasuhiro, imai, Sha(Freeride39) )
LAPS: 26
Distance: 130km
Time: 3h 55m 15s
Rank: 34th

Team C: (COTA77, Elvis, Arai (araim1), Sora.)
LAPS: 23
Distance: 115km
Time: 3h 50m 05s
Rank: 82nd

Go-Go-Gals: (Naomi, Nobu, Shinobu, Shibayama (SHIBAGON).)
LAPS: 25
Distance: 125km
Time: 3h 59m 38s
Rank: 3rd :no1: :happy1:

I will write and upload the report later.:)


Sep 11, 2006
Thank you everyone!

Naoko-san ありがとう!!naoko-sanのレポートも楽しみにしてます。
Thank you everyone and Hope to see you all again!


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Jan 6, 2007
Setagaya-ku, Todoroki






Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Yokohama -> Fukuoka
Team C

Arai-san, Elvis-san and COTA77-san,

I enjoyed very much running and was proud of running with you!
Results, ranking 82nd, means nothing. The fact we did 4 hours together for one aim is meaningful.



Speeding Up
Aug 5, 2006


GO GO GALSのみんなとは、事前合宿に仕事の後のミーティング(まぁ、走るよりしゃべって、食べてる方がメイン?)を通じての親交が表彰台に結びついたのだと思います。



Maximum Pace
Apr 20, 2007

Frst of all.... Thanks a lot everyone! especially Go Go Girls & Sora-san(as a head coach)
I am so glad to take 3rd place this time& had a wonderful day with TCC members:):):).

ps:NaomiのBlogに、私にとっての今回のレースについて書いて見ました。時間のあるときに見てみてください!(sorry only in Japanese:eek:)

Thanks again


Maximum Pace
Apr 20, 2007



Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Kawaguchi, Saitama
Full report - plus 1/sixteenth

I rode out on time from my place at 6:30, and met Thomas at 7:00 before hooking up with Elvis, Shinobu & Naomi. At the corner of Yasukuni-dori & Showa-dori, Dave (TrufflesEater) also joined us.
The six of us rolled through Shinjuku, and then about 3km past Kannana-dori, we picked up Ash & Yasuhiro as well.
We made it to Tachikawa at about 9:05, but we couldn’t find the (promised?) “donut shop”, so we settled for 7-11 (Aahh! The cyclist’s “home away from home”!) instead.

We got to Nishi-Tachikawa station a little bit late – 9:25 – but we needn’t have worried, because a few other people were even later than us - No names shall be mentioned!
Also there as our “Pit-Crew”, were Sergey (kpykc), and Dave (TrufflesEater) who rode out with us from Tokyo.
Almost everyone else turned up one-by-one, and we were nearly all together by……

It was already after 10am, we still hadn’t checked in for the race, and “TCC A” Team was still two riders down – Where was “Deej”, and where was Shay’s friend, Michael Crook? Also, “TCC B” Team were one guy short - Where was Shay (Freeride39) himself? The situation at 10:15…

Travis (A)
Thomas (A)
??? (A)
??? (A)

Ash (B)
Yasuhiro (B)
Imai (B)
??? (B)

COTA77 (C)
Elvis (C)
Arai (C)
Sora (C)

The Go-Go-Gals were all there on time, and fired up for this one!

Naomi (GG)
Shinobu (GG)
Nobu (GG)

Our “Pit Crew” (I refuse to call you “Cheerleaders”, because all that comes to mind is a lithe, blonde 16-year-old beauty with legs you could…… Anyway, I just can’t think of you in that way) was also there:

Dave (TrufflesEater)
Sergey (kpykc)

Finally we got calls from the other guys – one saying that Deej was already inside; another to say that Shay (& Michael) were “on the way, but not sure about exactly what time they’d arrive”.
Anyway, we all checked in using the latest in Japanese-finger-printing-security-technology…… an ink-pad! And we were on our way!!!

Our “home-base” was a flat piece of ground covered by two large ground-sheets (last year, we only needed one), never surrounded by less than 14 bicycles – It was quite a sight! And it was our home for the 4-hours of riding; a place to put our bags, to sit, eat and rest in between our (race) turns. But it had to cater for, all together, 18 people and it served its purpose well.

The “Pit Lane” was a straight 200m tree-lined stretch of the course, with a long row of yellow witches-hat cones placed about 2 meters out from the trees to separate the “pit” from the track itself (although, by the time it got crowded, the riders only had about 1-meter to get through). The trees were about 3 meters apart with numbers pinned on them to indicate each team’s pit area - each tree had to serve 20 teams.
With our numbers being: TCC A: 1606, TCC B: 1607, TCC C: 1608 respectively, we all shared the same tree. The Go-Go-Gals, being 1635, had the tree next to ours.
Between our two trees (pit areas), there were never less than six TCC members there at any one time – The “TCC Takeover!”

The race itself started right on 11:00, with each of our teams deciding whether to do 2-lap stints (10km), or 3-laps at a time (15km). The finish of the race at 15:00 was also exciting, as we were all there (14 people) cheering for the last 4 riders as they came in on their final lap!

The results have already been posted, so I won’t repeat them here, except to say that “The TCC Go-Go-Gals” ended up on the podium in third place, with tears & smiles, posing for the cameramen, signing autographs, accepting sponsorships, etc….:happy::happy::happy::happy:

After all the celebrations, we packed up our things and rode towards Nakano (25km away), where we would have our End of Year Party – Replenishing our carbohydrates with copious amounts of beer, sashimi, beer, fried fish & chicken, beer, salad, beer, yaki-soba, beer…..:beer2:

And then we rode home!

Finally, a big “WELL DONE!” to all who participated in the race!
And a very special “THANKS!” to our pit-crew, Dave and Sergey, who stood out there diligently for the whole four hours (in the chilly conditions), changing our arm-bands when we came in, and putting them on the replacement rider – That saved valuable seconds with each change-over, and with more than 10 changes probably added up to over a minute. You guys were great!
I could also see that you were both itching to get out there and race, yourselves – Definitely next year, eh!

All in all, a wonderful day out, and I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well as I did that night.


P.S. As for the "one-sixteenth" part, that will be a report of the race itself, as experienced by yours truly (one of 16 riders) - a very subjective report - can't wait to read it, myself!:smoke: T


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Jan 6, 2007
Setagaya-ku, Todoroki



Ash、2 → Sha、2 → imai、2 → Yasuhiro、1 → Ash、1 → Sha、1 → imai、1 → Yasuhiro、1 → Ash、1 → Sha、1 → imai、1 → Yasuhiro、1 → Ash:1 → Sha:1 → imai:1 → Yasuhiro:1 → Ash:1 → Sha、2 → imai、1 → Yasuhiro、1 → Ash、1 → Sha、1:clap:


Maximum Pace
Well, hearty and sincere congratulations to everyone for their great efforts at the Enduro, to the Go-Go girls of course for the podium finish, but to all the racers and pit crew!

(...Speaking of pit crew, many many apologies from me for not being there :eek: I'd planned to ride in from home and be there at noon-ish, but by underestimating the distance (100 km and not 80 km), getting lost twice west of Shinjuku, not accounting for city traffic, and getting a flat 10 km from the park meant that I was hours behind schedule when I eventually made it there; at which point I only had time to just turn around at the gate and come back again...)

But anyways, congrats once again, and thanks very much for the reports so far--great reading!


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
Wow, now that was fun. And really, really exhausting. First off, a huge thank you Sora-san and Travis for organizing this, taking care of the details, rallying the troops, etc. I would also like to sincerely thank the pit crew of TrufflesEater (David) and Sergey for braving hours of cold to help the teams during the switchovers.

TrufflesEater provided tons of moral support and helped me exceed my own expectations with his words of encouragement. Before my second 15km ride, he told me, "I bet you go a minute faster this time." I thought he was mad, given how much the first run turned me inside-out. But he was right -- I was almost exactly a minute faster. I'll be listening to that dude a little more carefully from now on. :)

One of the more exciting parts came when I was on my third and final run and I had two guys on my wheel, enjoying a nice pull from the Deej Express. We came upon Sha, who looked over, jumped aboard and dropped the hammer on his stunning orange Orbea -- letting it be known that if they wanted to mess with TCC, they had to work.

And woo hoo for the women's team! Very well done!

I have more to say, but I'm at "work" now, so I have to run.

Thanks, everyone, for the great time!



Speeding Up
Great CCCCC tean!!

Arai-san, Elvis-san and COTA77-san,

I enjoyed very much running and was proud of running with you!
Results, ranking 82nd, means nothing. The fact we did 4 hours together for one aim is meaningful.
I totally agree !! I was in solo last year, but being in a team is something special. Let's do it next year again.:bike::bike::bike:

Minoru Arai



Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire
Congratulations to everyone !

Sorry for the delay and also not being able to attend but the family arrived back from the UK last Friday so it was difficult for me to leave them and join you as a supporter and for the bonenkai ! Never mind - next year perhaps !!!



Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Kawaguchi, Saitama

There was a time...
When, along with Thomas, Shay, Ash, Sora, and a few others, I was one of the fastest riders in TCC.
However, with the advent of guys like AlanW, Christoph, Deej, Mike, Pucci, and (still) Thomas,...etc. I can't hold my own candle anymore.

STILL, I felt that we did O.K. in the last race.

Last year, Thomas & I did the same race with Sora & Shay. We came 9th out of 112 teams, which was pretty damned good – for an inexperienced group.
If I remember correctly, we were all stoked about coming in the top-10!

This year though, we had a faster team, and a different strategy:

Last year, we all did two-laps (10km) each, but we also lost a lot of time with the “switch-overs”, so Thomas decided that this year, we should all do 3 laps (15km) at a time to save on time-loss during rider changes.
I wasn’t very confident on this approach (although it worked out well in the long run) – I did a few training rides along Arakawa, and noticed that I could hold top-speed for 10km or so, but after that, my power-output went way down.
BIG QUESTION: Would the loss of power on the third lap - I was able to ride at over 36km/h for all 3 turns last year - out-way the loss of time changing riders every “second” lap?

Thomas was the first guy out (Rider 1,) followed by Deej (R2), Michael Crook (R3), and then me (Travis – R4). The first lap is an exhibition lap only, hence slowed down by the pace-car (motorcycles), and also to “spread out the field” as it were – a real pain in the arse, and Thomas didn’t look happy at being slowed down by those mo-peds!

Still, he (Thomas) had moved his way up the field – from almost last to about ¾ back.
After his one-lap (exhibition), and 2 laps of full-on racing, it was Deej’s turn.
By then, the whole field was so spread out, there was no way of telling who was in front, and who was last.
When Deej came back after his first stint (bathed in sweat), with an average of over 36kph, it was Michael’s turn.
We were all averaging between 23-25 minutes for each 15km stint, so the maximum of 8 +/- mins. per lap was pretty close.

Then it was my turn; needless to say, “drafting was a necessity”! I could only do two laps at top speed, and then I knew I would loose power…
I set out, going as fast as I could, and it wasn’t long before I checked my back-wheel to see a f&@king leech sitting right behind me.
All you can do in that situation is hope that he tires out faster than you do.
Ave.Spd: 35.7km/h.

The second turn; A little different – I spotted a group up ahead (50-70m, or so) but it took me an entire half-lap to catch them…. But when I caught that last back-wheel, it was “goodnight”!

The group (from the air) would have looked like an SR-71; about 5-6 guys in-line at the front, and then gradually spreading out at the back to about 4-5 guys across (the wings) before tapering off at the tail – from 50 meters away, all I could see was that “tapering” tail (it was actually a guy’s arse, but I can’t say that that was all I was looking at!). Anyway, after half a lap, I caught them ba$tards, and made my way to the front of the pack!
To my surprise, the guy pushing (pulling?) everybody was on a mountain-bike (more like a road-bike with a flat-handle-bar). But he was flying!
I don’t think he had any idea that there were at least 40 guys riding on his behind!
Once I was in “second-wheel” and had caught my breath a bit, I decided to help the guy out…. I JUMPED off the front, and gave everything!
I turned around after about 200m, but he was still there! He let (made?) me do a whole lap at the front, but then I was toast (HRM: 198- ish), so I waved him past again. He went through, and I dropped back to fourth-wheel to have a “rest”.
On the final lap, I jumped in front again just as you come into the long straight. Then another guy went past me (all in black – very memorable), so I jumped on his wheel, expecting the others (40 or so leeches) to disappear.
A lot of them were still there, but I reckon we dropped about half (only 20 left).
Coming around the last bottom turn, I jumped in front of the “guy in black” just as it goes over that first bridge (I expected to see him again) but I dropped him!
That was my final lap, and when I came into “pit-lane” I was so happy to see Thomas there (with a grin)!

Deej came back from his second lap with an average speed of 37.7km/h (He told me that he also caught a fast group - a faster one than mine).
And Thomas came back grinning with an average of over 38km/h on his second lap - Thomas can be a scary Mo'Fo' on the flats...
For the record, I only had 35.2km/h for my final 3 laps, so I was a little... ye know!

After my second (and last) turn, we did the math about how to run the last few laps:
There are no changes allowed in the last 15 minutes of the race, so whoever is left out there after that will have to go the whole way.
Our “Lap-Average” was looking good, so we decided that for the final 4 laps, Thomas would do two, and if he could get by 14:45 at the latest, Deej could have his moment of glory, and do the last 2 – possibly three laps!

All in all, after speaking to both Thomas & Deej after the race, the vote was unanimous: NO-ONE PASSED US WHILE WE WERE OUT THERE!
I didn’t speak to Michael about it, but his lap times were consistent, so we can only assume that the same was true for him.
Obviously, after coming 7th (and not 1st), we can also assume that we probably weren’t the fastest out there – the faster guys were somewhere else on the track; but seventh out of 125 teams ain’t too shabby – still the top 6%

That just means that all us TCC riders can ride faster than 94% of the rest of the population!